Me 'n' Jean meet again

Friday, June 27, 2008

Me 'n' Jean meet again

...and that's "Jean" as in Schweibish, as op­posed to "Jeanne," my wife.

Nearly 14 months after she last wrote The Southampton Press Western Edition to heap opprobrium on me, Ms. Schweibish did it again in yes­ter­day's edition in a Letter to the Editor captioned "Cheap shot."

The thrust of her message is that "Dean Speir (is playing) ... a fairly obvious ... game," and demands to know if The Press is playing along with me.

She lays out her case, confident of her "facts," bristles with indignation that the local paper has "aided and abetted" me, and generally works herself into a tizzy.

The biggest problem here is that, like the at­torney who purportedly drafted the "Demand to Cease and Desist" letter on behalf of Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler and his wife Carol Meyer, Ms. Schweibish isn't in possession of all the facts.

The lawyer might have a valid excuse that Mr. Kametler lied to him and Ms. Meyer was bab­bling hysterically and making no sense.

Ms. Schweibish has no such ready-made excuse. She writes:

"I’ve seen a copy of that letter and it did indeed have an attorney’s signature on it. ... Was the copy The Press received signed or not? Why no indication one way or another? The article lets the reader believe what Mr. Speir stated was, in fact, the case."

Which in fact is "the case."

What Ms. Schweibish professes to have seen¹, wasn't "a copy," but the original. Given the work she's been doing for the past decade or more for Attorney Hermon Bishop, I would not unreasonably suspect that she would be able to discern the difference.

The "copy" I received was exactly what I stated it to be, an unsigned "copy."

(Still uncertain, Jean? Glad to meet you in a [very] public place and allow you to inspect my copy of the letter.)

The rest of Ms. Schweibish's letter is equal parts her usual theme of unfair treatment by The Press and general unpleasantness directed at me and this blog.

Her comments about the "Comments" policy of The Press' fledgling on-line enter­prise, though, are well-taken. I'm confident that as that Website grows, changes will be forthcoming.

However, there's great irony... twere the situ­ation reversed, she'd have no reservations in calling it "hypocrisy" Ms. Schweibish's strident objections to "individuals writing under aliases"

What of last week's vicious unsigned 11th hour letter charging Mayoral Candidate Tim Laube with everything from nomadic behavior to the dearth of eels on Moniebogue Canal?

That one, identified only as coming from "Friends of the First Hampton Party²," has Ms. Schweibish's stylistic DNA all over it.

I think what irks Ms. Schweibish the most is that the "Demand to Cease and Desist" letter, having been furtively leaked to The Press, when it was given public exposure, failed to redound to Mr. Kametler's and Ms. Meyer's credit. Instead, it made them look foolish and desperate.

Which is probably what Ms. Schweibish is feeling right now.

And angry... let's not forget "angry!"


¹.- Having stated that she's seen the docu­ment which was subsequently delivered anon­y­mously to The Press, raises the question if it might not have been Ms. Schweibish herself who slipped down Mitchell Road in the pre-dawn gloom and put it in the mail slot.

Or she has a good idea who did.

².- This is a Political Action Committee, and not registered, as required by election law, with the Village.


1. My-O-My said...

Dean- As to Ms. Jean Schweibish... while I whole-heartedly agree with your Frau Blücher reference to Mean Jean (I am still laughing), I think a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch reference to the Grand Madam of Potunk is in order. I would gladly accept a "tie-goes-to-the-runner" in the reference department when it comes to the Queen of Mean. Is this lady as angry as she looks to be? Please Dean, watch your back with that one. She might send the flying monkeys after you.

Her "flying monkey" is bald-as-a-cueball and thinks the "Uncle Fester" look is in.

2. Clamqueen said...

Be careful Dean. She might just cast a spell on you. She is a witch, isn't she?

3. Rob F. said...

Bald is beautiful. ("Who loves ya, Baby?")

In this particular instance, I think I can assert without fear of successful contradiction, that there's no "love" from this baldy!

4. Specialist said...

Again Dean, you have been warned. You have over the past year presented the public with a truthful view of the dirty, over the fence, sneaky, gutless actions of this Board. Who do you think you are? Ms. Schweibish, bless you for sticking up for the dirty politics that have made Westhampton Beach the laughing stock of the East End. It is residents like you that have created our reputation.

As for you Dean Speir, I shall have the Mayor round up a posse. We will ride at the stroke of midnight for your homestead, You will pay for your truthfullness.

Oh, if my posts seem a bit odd, take into account that I have witnessed the re-election of perhaps the most corrupt and unethical person in local politics: our beloved Deputy Mayor.

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