Imagine my surprise!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Imagine my surprise!

Updated 06/26/2008 - 7:08 pm

Yesterday, in pursuing a copy of the Police Report filed by restaurateur Johnny Chih on his visitation by Joanna (Mrs. John) Roland, I came across two filed on me.

One I knew about... #08-1003 was filed April 28th by one Carol S. Meyer, wife of Dep'ty Mayor Jim Kametler, and was a complaint about the photo which appeared in the OtBB entry of April 23.

(Responding officer, Sergeant Nick Fusco, tried to explain the conditions necessary to support a charge of "Trespass," but finally had to summon Trustee Toni-Jo Birk to speak to the distraught Mrs. Dep'ty Mayor, womano-a-womano. A police­man's lot is not a happy one.)

Under the heading of new News, though, there was a report (#08-1674) filed on me just this past Friday, by Mayor Conrad Teller, and I don't know what to make of it.

Field Report 08-1624

"Above complainant states a Dean Speir was possibly violating the boundaries of the campaign lines. Check of surrounding area was negative. Routine patrols requested during voting process."

What does it mean?

The inescapable conclusion is that, like Joan Levan who last year (when I was a candidate) complained to the Village Clerk that I was violating the 100-feet boundary¹, Mayor Teller felt that I was somehow violating the lines established by the Village's Chief Election Officer under the New York State Election Law.

The simple fact is that I wasn't last year, and it doesn't matter a whit this year because I wasn't a candidate, and I wasn't disseminating anyone's campaign literature or wearing a political button or ball cap.

In fact I had as much right to be anywhere I wished to be as did Mrs. Teller... probably even more... who spent an extended period of time schmoozing in the polling place.

It also gives credence to the reports by friends of the Mayor in the week before the elec­tion that he was resigned to the inevitability of a defeat at the polls, so effective was challenger Tim Laube's upbeat Mayoral campaign.

Although the Mayor knew he was vulnerable to Mr. Laube's campaign issues, what he didn't know was that it didn't matter.

Even if Mr. Laube had not been dissuaded from dropping a huge turd involving the East End Drug Task Force onto the Mayor's desk, it would have taken something like embarrassing photos of Mr. Teller cavorting au natural with a troop of Cub Scouts for a majority of residents to abandon him at the polls.

The irony of the call by the Mayor last Friday to have the Village Police Department investigate my "possibly violating the boundaries of the campaign lines"{sic}, is that he has adamantly refused to direct an investigation of other, far more substantively supported, allegations of wrong-doing.

This is just one more of the inconsistencies of the popular Mayor of Westhampton Beach.


¹.- Apparently the Empress of Oneck cannot any­more figure out what a straight line is, than she can tell the truth about voting on her own property tax reduction.


1. 'amme said...

Ain't that just something! They are the first ones to say they have been violated. Just like the time Jim K. had a baker's table thrown out of the Farmer's Market because they didn't have commercial ovens.
I don't believe he grew lavender or lettuce on his own property, either.
The old saying "Two sets of rules: one for us and one for everyone else."

2. Angel Face 13 said...

He wanted to prove he had cajones! Real men have cajones and shoot guns-NOT!

3. Rob F. said...

Careful, Dean. You could be brought in on a charge of lurking with intent to mope.

Oh, wait, they're only looking for "a Dean Speir." There must be dozens in WHB, no?

It's probably nothing more than "cop-speak."

4. Specialist said...

Dean, you have been warned. I will not stand for it anymore, STOP PROVOKING THE ELDERLY. The Mayor was just having a bad day! No, he doesn't have any memory problems. So he thought it was last year and you were running for office. He is the GREAT CONRAD TELLER! He stands six foot six and flames shoot from his eyes and fireballs from his butt or at least some people think so.

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