Updates II

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updates II

Item: Tension builds as USPS again fails to deliver any delayed Absentee Ballots.

Item: On the important but nearly forgotten matter of the status of the now-former West­hampton Beach Alliance for the Separation of Church and State as an unregistered Political Action Committee, attorney David Falkner is in the process of (belatedly) handling the paper­work for the ad hoc group of anti-eruv activ­ists who are taking credit, through their most vocal member Irene Barrett, for the First Hampton Party's success at the polls last week.

If the name "Falkner" sounds at all familiar, it might be because he was married to a local gal, or because he was briefly a Southampton Town Attorney under Vince Cannuscio.

Or it could be because it is the name on the lips of the dark troika who seek to control the Village... Trustee Joan Levan, Planning Board Chairman Ralph Neubauer, and their political operative Angelo de la Fuente.

If she can wear Mayor Conrad Teller down before the annual Organizational Meeting July 7th... yes, that's a Monday... the Empress of Oneck would like nothing better than to see Mr. Falkner replace Hermon Bishop as Village Attorney.

While it was only a year ago that Mr. Bishop and Neubauer were thick as political cronies could be, of late the Planning Board Chairman has been openly critical of hostile to the Village Attorney¹.

While Mr. Falkner's curriculum vitae² lists a four year stint in the District Attorney's office where he exhibited some skill in criminal matters, those familiar with the man doubt whether he has the experience in municipal law to make a good Village Attorney.

That won't stop Mrs. Levan and her buttboy Neubauer from doing their damn'dest to see him replace Mr. Bishop if Mayor Teller (whose appointment it is) weakens and relinquishes the prerogative of his office.


¹.- Behind his back, of course… which is how Ralph Neubauer works. It is said that one would be wise to not be the first one to leave a room in which Ralph Neubauer remains.

².- That résumé also enumerates time spent in New York City both as an instructor at the American Museum of Natural History and as a manager at Korea Exchange Bank.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

So, it is Friday. What's the scoop? Did an absentee ballot bring Roland an extra vote or is our Deputy Mayor's re-election secure?

No further Absentee Ballots have been timely received to my knowledge.

However, there is a re-canvas Monday morning in Yaphank, upon the conclusion of which the Village Election will be certified... or not. I'm not an attorney versed in Election Law, preferring to leave that to the likes of George Guldi, Gary Weber, John Leo or Vincent Messina.

That said, it's interesting to note that Deputy Major Kametler is obviously not feeling all that secure with his one vote lead at this point for the effort he is expending trying to find some means of disqualifying his oppponent, John Roland. (See "The Press Conference That Wasn't."
– Dean

2. Specialist said...

So what's going to happen on Monday if there is still a question on the Chihs. It seems to be common knowledge that they don't live there. There was even a article in Dan's Papers that says they don't live in the Village.
Once again we have to ask ourselves what would be someone's motive to put so much public attention on themselves just to vote in a Village election.
The promises have been made, we just don't know what they are yet.

Monday's re-canvas and the actual residency of the growing Chih family are separate issues.

As for my old chum Dan Rattiner, his is not the journal of record, and he gets a lot of factual stuff wrong... for instance, I've never run for Mayor... in the course of penning amusing stories.

Any speculation on my part as to why anyone with a liquor license and a handgun license would swear to a false document and put those licenses at risk, would be just that: speculation. You'd have to make inquiry of the person directly. But be careful anyone making such inquiry might expose themself to having a police report filed on them.

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