Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The back-fence rumor-mongers are hard at it, so let's put paid to one of the more egregious.

Item: No, Lucyna Pawlak has as of this hour, not expired, and while police have yet to close their investigation, only those wearing tinfoil beanies actually think that the events of last Saturday morning on Seafield were staged to look like an "Attempted Murder/Sui­cide," and that's there's still a maniac lurking about the area, looking to burn us in our beds.

Item: Yes, restaurateur Johnny Chih has filed a police department information alleging a con­frontation with Joanna Roland, wife of chal­leng­ing Trustee candidate John Roland.

The point of contention seems to center on the four ballots cast in last Friday's Village Election by Mr. Chih and members of his family, all of whom are registered to vote from the res­tau­rant's Montauk Highway address.

The candidate had a good response to the Southampton Press Western Edition when asked to comment of this matter, but since he said it to reporter Jessica DiNapoli, OtBB will let her reveal it on the paper's 27East Website.

Item: The U.S. Mails brought no new Absentee Ballots to Village Hall today, so Dep'ty Mayor Kametler is still clinging to a one vote lead.



1. Old School said...

Thanks, Dean, for all your reporting, both on the election and everything else. It's nice to be able to read both sides of the story.

2. Worried said...

Where is Mickey Chih?
In the Verizon phone book, white pages, he is listed at 105 Montauk Highway, yet he is listed at 85 Montauk Highway on the rolls. Strange, huh? Since everyone knows he lives in East Quoque. Does anyone really believe that they all reside together over either place? I think not. What is behind this? Let's hope that John will be able to finally get to the truth of this. It's the third time they have pulled this. As always I trust that you will keep on top of this.

Where indeed?
"105 Montauk Highway" is the physical address of the now-closed The Corner restaurant, née Chappie's Corner, as opposed to his father's Chinese restaurant on the corner of Lilac and Montauk.
What people "know" and what can be established are often two different things.
I'll stay on this to the best of my ability.

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