And the re-canvas sez:

Monday, June 23, 2008

And the re-canvas sez:

Updated 06/23/2008 - 01:25 pm

Westhampton Beach Village Board challenger John Roland is only down by one, with unde­livered absentee ballots anticipated between now and the Friday (June 27) cut-off date.

While some now focus on the issue of ineligible voters being allowed to cast their ballots, the "potato farmer" backlash may have hurt Mr. Roland despite his efforts to set the record straight at the June Village Board meeting.

In speaking over the weekend with one of the last of the Grande Dames on the Village (we're talking double-digit in terms of generations), she interjected:

"And I'll never forgive that John Roland for calling us all a bunch of 'potato farmers.'"

She'd never read that, of course, but she'd heard it "over-the-backfence" and that settled the matter as far as she was concerned.

Such is the way of Westhampton Beach.


1. Specialist said...

We can only hope that John can out seat Jimmy K.
I wonder who wears the pants in that household. When Jimmy was asked by The Press about his win, his wife cut him off and said " a win is a win."
AND what's with the Chihs? You have to ask yourself what there motive is. To bring a lawyer with you so you can vote in a Village election that you aren't a resident of.
Could these be more of Connie's promises to take care of his pals.
By the way, don't the Chihs live on Wild Cherry Lane in East Quogue?

I don't know. They swore affidavits under penalty of perjury that they all reside in the apartment over their restaurant.
– Dean

2. WHBYankee said...

Michael Chih
32 Deerfeed Path
East Quogue, NY 11942

Imagine that! Do you suppose that it's the same "Mickey" Chih?

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

In the first place, where is the evidence that Connie makes promises to take care of his pals? That sounds like a vicious rumor to me.

In the second place, when Kametler's wife comes to his defense someone asks "who wears the pants in his family." But when Roland's wife confronts the Chihs no questions are posed as to who is wearing the pants in the Roland household.

Fair's fair. Come on, guys.

Points taken, Tuggy!
But it is evident that Mr. Teller does "take care of his pals," witness the money removed from the police budget... after the demotion of Lieutenant Trevor Gonce alledgedly for budgetary reasons... and put into the Public Works budget and spread around in the form of raises. There are other items that should be scrutinized, but let's see how the next PBA contract works out for the taxpayers... the PBA must think it's going to be great for them since they underwrote the First Hampton Party's post-election celebration at Dee Angelo's last week.
And show me 'n' Specialist an incident where Mrs. Roland shoulders her husband aside to answer a question put to him, and we'll be all over John as well.
You've gotta take those blinders off, Madame.

4. Specialist said...

Let's make a deal.
Instead of just posting statements that label all this as lies and rumors, if you post ANYTHING that proves anything Dean or I have said on this Blog as not being accurate, I will stop posting what I know to be the truth about Connie and his Crew.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

An eye witness said Kametler's wife did not shoulder him out of the way. Is that enough "proof" that not everything said in this blog is "accurate?"

I won't make deals with Specialist or anyone else. The Supreme Court allows dissenting opinions, so why not us as well?

  • Who? And where was this stated?
  • No, that is not "enough 'proof,'" and I'm disappointed that you would think it was. Have you been chattering over the back fence for so long that you've forgotten the concept of Verifiable?
  • OtBB absolutely allows dissenting opinions, and your long-time presence here is "proof" of that. Just don't confuse "opinion" with "fact."
That said, I think reporter Jessica DiNapoli's story speaks to the issue:
"On Friday night, Mr. Kametler was asked how it felt to win reelection by two votes. But before he could respond, his wife, Carol Meyer, stated that 'winning is winning.' She then demanded that no more pictures be taken of her house."
– Dean

6. Tugboat Bertha said...

The eyewitness I speak of reports that Jessica DiNapoli has edited out half the story. It is she, then, and not you Dean, who is inaccurate.

You probably aren't aware of how little sense you're making at this point.
I have no idea what you're talking about... and that seems to make the both of us.
But I have a suggestion... I think you should start your own blog, and call it "A Townie's View." Then you could put your "spin" on everything.
– Dean

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