And the winners are:

Friday, June 20, 2008

And the winners are:

Updated 06/21/2008 - 9:32 am

At least the preliminary ones at this point:

Unofficial results of the 2008
Westhampton Beach Village Election
Office Candidate Votes
Mayor Conrad Teller 386 
Mayor Tim Laube 265 
Trustee James Kametler 323 
Trustee Toni-Jo Birk 424 
Trustee John Roland 321 
Trustee Elyse Richman 74 

Mayor Conrad Teller managed to pull his old patrolman James Kametler through by the skin of his Village-insured teeth, with two votes separating the Deputy Mayor and challenger John Roland.

But wait!

There are four (4!) challenged voters, the Chih family who are registered from the (permitted) apartment above their restaurant on Montauk Highway, the grounds of which establishment displayed a First Hampton Party political sign.

A poll-watcher for Mayoral candidate Tim Laube said:

"All of the Chihs showed up with a lawyer and wanted to vote despite being challenged¹!"

Village Clerk Kathleen McGinnis, whose serves as the municipality's Chief Election Officer, confirmed that the Chih family was allowed to vote, but acknowledged that the ballots had all been impounded, and that there would be a re-canvas before the results were certified.

On the way out of the polling place after the unofficial results were announced, Mayor Teller was congratulated on his victory, and quipped:

"Old age and treachery will prevail over youth and enthusiasm everytime."

And while this report was being prepared, Quiogue's resident nutburger, Irene Barrett of The Westhampton Beach Alliance for the Separation of Church and State infamy, was calling around the Village announcing:

"The advertisement did it! We got them all in!"

O, well….


¹.- This marks the third year running that Johnny Chih and his son Mickey were challenged at the polls, and produced New York State Driver's Licenses showing 85 Montauk Highway, Westhampton Beach as their residence, and were allowed to vote. Last year, a Mrs. Johnny Chih was hauled in to cast a ballot, and this time a fourth "family member," a young woman, appeared as well.


1. Bryan Dean said...

Good Luck to the winners. We'll all be watching... Jim you know you'll screw up again. Maybe, just maybe, this time you won't get away with it.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

I wish Conrad Teller excellent health. Despite his advanced age (and treachery), if HE is incapacitated, Cementhead is #2 figuratively and, well, never mind.

Elyse with a Y, I voted for you, and it wasn't physically or mentally easy. Work on that impagination, kid.

John, you may be a new Trustee yet. Please don't be a good sport! Put up a stink for your votes. And eliminate the illegal ones.

But don't the Chihs LIVE in East Quogue?!?

3. Matlynn Carville said...

Yeah, so what's with the Chih business? If ALL business persons with an interest in WHB got to vote in the elections, why, the very fabric of "Old" Westhampton Beach would be torn asunder, correct?

I thought they were considered illegal voters two, three years ago. What's with this continuing controversy?

The term of law, I believe, is "ineligible," and I believe that this is now being scrutinized.

4. Worried said...

Well Dean, the people have spoken so I guess we will have to wait and see how things go. Counting on you to keep us aware. Do you agree that having a write-in may have caused some confusion and votes going in the wrong place. I found it confusing. I hope John Roland doesn't give up. There is a chance he may get in. I don't understand how they get away with it everytime -- I hope that there will at least justice in this matter.

I'm not sophisticated enough in the ways of machine voting to make an assessment about how Friday's election went on a technical level, but both my wife and I had problems with the Write-In aspect of the process, and I think I may have voted for Elyse Richman for Mayor… I shudder at the prospect!
My wife, who is reasonably tall and strong-like-tractor, observed that if any of the "little old ladies" who dot the Village-scape, wanted to write a name in, they would have had a serious problem.
But then most of those "little old ladies" would likely have thrown the Row "A" lever because Connie Teller was at the head of the ticket.
The Board of Elections worker was a nice enough fellow, but he was not up to the demands of the Village election… was anyone informed that the machine could be lowered upon the request of the voter?
So I do agree that the "write-in may have caused some confusion and votes going in the wrong place," but I think the candidate most adversely effected was Ms. Richman.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

I had no trouble whatsoever writing in the name Elyse Richman. Libby the poll person was very helpful and explained how to do it with great clarity. Do not assume that "most of the little old ladies" would have likely thrown the Row "A" lever just because Connie was on it. Some little old ladies are ticket splitters par excellence. Connie gets a vote but not necessarily the rest of them.

You must give some instructions to my bride on the secret of your dexterity behind the curtain.
– Dean

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