The Clampetts

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Clampetts

It's become something of an election day tra­di­tion, the Angelo dela Fuente motor home in the front yard of Bike'n'Kite.

The First Hampton Party Election Day operation

"It's like 'the Clampetts come to Potunk Lane,'" one Village official observed last year.

The polls are open, but the machine in use for approximately the first 75 voters, was not op­er­ating well for those wishing to cast a Write-In ballot for Elyse Richman or anyone else of their choosing.

And whatever anyone's feelings about Mayoral challenger Tim Laube, the man ran a helluva campaign: energetic, substantive and tireless. And he is now disadvantaged by having his party name butchered on the official ballot.

His the "Hurricane Party," not the "Heritage Party," and the fact that the machine strips were printed by a man with close ties to Trustee Joan Levan is likely just happenstance.


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