The Case against Jim Kametler

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Case against Jim Kametler

I mean, does any more of a case really need to be made?!?

Deputy Mayor James Kametler only moved into the Village four years ago to qualify for office, but still doesn't pay any taxes here be­cause his residence at 24 Oak Street is in his wife's name... and there's a serious question as to whether she pays her fair share as a residential property running a commercial operation.

Even as a police officer here, he's never served the public, only his own interests... which have always begun and ended with James Kametler.

Knowing that he cannot defend the indefen­si­ble, he refuses to respond to questions from the public or the newspapers, counting on the Mayor to pull him through this critical time.

The polls are open at Six Corners from Noon 'til 9:00 pm. Throw the rascal out!


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