Indecision at the top

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Indecision at the top

For someone who decided rather late in the process to formally run for Mayor of West­hampton Beach against popular incumbent Conrad Teller, Tim Laube has, with Mr. Teller's help, made his case fairly well.

Withstanding yesterday's gutless and desper­ate last minute ad hominem letter, Mr. Laube's surprisingly effective full page adv. in today's Southampton Press Western Edition details the Mayor's vac­il­lation and mixed messages on the divisive issue of the Hamptons Syna­gogue's proposed eruv.

And the concurrent appearance in today's Newsday story on the controversy, couldn't have been timed better for Mr. Laube.

All else aside, two excerpts from Mitch Friedman's story are notable:

"The (Alliance) advertisement creates a problem for Teller, who said it makes him look like a bigot. And it ignores the fact that he, too, supports creating an eruv."


"'First, I have the election to get through,' Teller said. 'I'm so angry with these suckers [who took out the ad] that what I'd really like to do is hand a proclamation to the rabbi and let them sue me.'"

Good for you, Mayor Teller… but you should have made that statement within an hour of the publication of last week's Press.

Be assured though, that you have validated Mr. Laube's case that you have flip-flopped on the eruv.



1. Don MacPherson said...

With regard to a Village that sorely needs government support for local businesses instead of watching and cheering at the tumbleweed that floats down Main Street for eight months of the year -- we need a Mayor who pays more attention to improving year-round business than to the religious biases of the little club that rules local government. Few businesses survive in the Village as it is now. Year 'round residents may soon need to travel to Riverhead for a sandwich if there are no new initiatives -- as we slide down the economic chute into a very serious Recession.

Haven't been to Riverhead lately, have you?

2. Specialist said...

I was asked why I thought Connie did not drop Jim from the Ticket. No doubt he was weighing down an already unsteady ship. The answer lies within everything that has been shown about this unopen government. If Connie would drop Jim, then there would be an outsider within the group. Someone who would not stand for the little behind the door actions. This would unbalance the power that has put a cloud over our Village. With that in mind as you head towards the polls tomorrow, please, think if these are the people we want to run the Village. Of the 15+ years I have been around I have never seen such ugly press on this lovely place. If for some reason you think that you need to vote for the entire ticket, how about this, break it up. Let's see some different faces. Dean, thank you for allowing us to vent, discuss and hopefully enlighten a few folks along the way.

And thank you for participating.
On Mayor Teller's disinclination to dump the Deputy Mayor, yours is but one view… but presupposes the unity of that "group," and nothing could be further from reality.
The two women are at odds on virtually everything, and while Hank Tucker is firmly in Joan Levan's pocket as much as Jim Kametler in is Con Teller's corner, he wants to keep Kametler to make sure he has a firm ally on the Board, feeling that if Roland and/or Richman win, his cousin Bo Bishop will be out of a job as Village Attorney.
He is apparently either unfamiliar with Village Law… it's solely his appointment and the Board cannot over-ride it… or he's afraid that he cannot withstand Mrs. Levan's forcefulness. The Empress of Oneck proposes; everyone else deposes!

3. Frank Lynch said...

Being born and raised in Quiogue, now the safehouse of the dissident voices, and following all this from afar... don't force me to come back, run for office and make the needed changes, reestablishing the Merrick Inn as a watering hole, purchasing the house on Cranberry Marsh hill and razing it so we can all sled there again, reestablishing businesses on Main Street such as Gloria's, Bohack's and Brown's Department Store... hmmm... the Restoration Party.. locals only, vote early, vote often!

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