The Case Against Tim Laube

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Case Against Tim Laube

Updated 06/19/2008 - 9:58 am

Not that there's not one to be made, because there is.

But it's not in the mailing piece hitting Village mailboxes today in an envelope identified only as coming from "First Hampton Party" with no return address or other markings. A 42¢ First Class stamp is affixed, so no mailing permit is utilized.

The two-sided single page insert itself, also contains no disclaimer or identifier¹, only a signature line: "Friends Of The First Hampton Party," a violation of election law if they are not registered with Suffolk County as a Political Action Committee.

Right there tells you something about who's behind the mailing: someone or ones with no regard for the law… remind us of anyone?

(The tone and tenor of the content has the feel of Jean Schweibish, the Frau Blücher of the First Hampton operatives, but she's not one to type in initial capital letters. Angelo de la Fuente can always be suspected in any sort of low grade scheme, as little is beneath him. But Joan Levan may have lent Mayor Teller's ticket the services of her butt-boy Ralph Neubauer. While there's no longer any love lost between the Empress of Oneck and the Mayor, keeping the status quo would be in her best interests since she knows her way around the man, and has already established that she will not be lead by him.)

Virtually every item… few are genuine issues… alleged in the illegitimate mailing piece could, and should, have been raised in the arena of a political debate.

But that didn't happen… it will never happen with members of this Administration for the simple reason that while they can politic, and, yes!, lie, one-on-one or two or three, they cannot pull it off in a moderated debate format because it would expose their duplicity to all.

So this is their 10th or 11th hour strategy: anonymous mud-slinging when there is little opportunity to respond.

Yeah, there's a case to be made against Tim Laube… today's gutless mailing isn't it.


¹.- The Campaign Finance Disclosure section (page 8) of the NYS Election Law "does not require the sponsor or payor's name to be on any political advertisements." This was incor­rectly stated in the initial OtBB entry.


1. Specialist said...

Come on Dean, Isn't that how an open government works. Lie, Cheat, Demote people and then pretend it didn't happen. Criminals... that's all they are.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

I just read that piece of underhanded and illegal crap. I wasn't going to vote for Laube, but you know what? Cleaning out the sewage of the Po-Po currently operating a Cheney-esque administration seems a far greater priority. Laube, you've got my vote. IF you succeed in taking down these wiley wascals, don't blow it, please. And let's not forget Roland and Elyse with a "Y" Richman, the Impaginator!

Jeez, Louise! Everyone's a writer now!

3. Worried said...

As the big day is only 24 hours away, I just wanted to thank you for bringing us some important issues to ponder before we cast our votes. Although many of us were hoping to see you on the ballot, you have been an honest and fair informer during this campaign and we appreciate your efforts. Thanks Dean, you are one of a kind, and we are lucky to have you out there trying to keep them honest. Keep up the good work.

Can you tell that I'm blushing?

4. 'amme said...

Angelo de la Fuente promoted Carol Meyer's bed and breakfast business by handing out her business cards.

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