Just askin'

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just askin'

What were four members of the Westhampton Beach Police Department doing behind closed doors with Mayor Conrad Teller late this after­noon when the PBA contract with the Village doesn't expire for another year?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that the Village election is three days away? What will this ultimately cost the taxpayers?


1. Specialist said...

I would bet that the four cops are not friends of Ray Dean.
From what I understand that's nothing new.
There are a few members who are still loyal to the Great Connie Teller.
I wonder if he sees there is a chance the end is near and is trying to keep promises.
I would bet he is trying to take care of the ones who have been backstabbing the Chief of Police and The ex-Lt. Gonce. It worked for the dispatchers.
This administration has destroyed the police department and effectively killed all the goals Ray Dean had to make the Police Department accountable to the residents.
From speaking with an anonymous officer (he asked to stay that way due to what happend to Trevor Gonce), there were at least two to three officers working in the Village during normal times of the year and over the Summer on the weekends you could have as many as five officers working on a summer weekend dealing with the increase in calls and heavy traffic.
However, the new schedule which was created by Toni-Jo Birk and approved by Conrad and Jim K. allows for only one to three officers working all year long. No extra officers working in the Summer. Does that sound safe?
This was approved so that the Friends of Connie would not have to work weekends in the Summer. Are the officers happy, why wouldn't they be.
Please help stop the destruction by this un-open government. VOTE ON FRIDAY, and don't forget about Elyse!

2. John Romo said...

Maybe he just needs them to go door to door to ask Village residents if they've been hassled by any Jews about the eruv. Doesn't he have a history of using them to do his dirty work?

3. Worried said...

Specialist, you are right on target! Let's hope others are starting to realize what's going on and vote to correct this issue. Let Ray Dean do his job. He's not only qualified, he's honest. What a shame! We have a great chief willing to do the job in spite of the behind-closed-doors undermining. The Village is lucky to have him. Now we must get out and vote for someone who will respect his postion and let him do his job.

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