So, Jim…

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So, Jim…

...which is it?

The story you told in today's Newsday?

"Kametler admits his wife tried to run such a (bed-and-breakfast) establishment a year ago, but is no longer in the business."

Or what you told the attorney who purportedly drafted your Cease and Desist letter?

"Ms. Meyer and Mr. Kametler have never operated, nor do they currently operate, a bed & breakfast at 27{sic} Oak Street."

I mean, c'mon, Mr. Deputy Mayor... which is it?


1. Bryan Dean said...

Quit Now, Jim!

2. Redhead Mom said...

Is it A or is it B ??????????

It is utterly amazing that Mayor Teller and the Trustees have not called for an official investigation of these alleged offenses.
How sad .....
How offensive.....

We need a NEW Village Board. We need ethics.
We need a Village Board whose allegiance is to the Village, NOT, to their co-Trustees. Thus, I will cast my vote for Tim Laube and John Roland.
Fellow residents, just ask yourself what your life would be like if you were accused of violating village codes/law. What grief would you encounter? How much would it cost you in legal fees to defend yourself? Would the Village leaders look the other way? Why is there a different set of standards? When I enter that voting booth, I will cast one vote for Mayor. That vote will be for Tim Laube. When I enter that voting booth, I will cast one vote for Trustee.That vote will be for John Roland. Although I have the right to vote for 2 Trustees, I will not. I will withhold my vote for a second trustee. I hope that by doing so, a clear message will be sent to the existing Trustees. This is OUR Village. We expect better. We demand better. Redheadmom

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Let's continue to keep them honest. I too will vote for Tim Laube and John Roland. I hope we can get our Village back on track. I've had enough of the lies and back room meetings.

4. Rob F. said...

Was this really denoted a cease and desist "order?" Only a court can issue an order. Lawyers can and do issue cease and desist letters, which may not be worth the paper they are printed on depending on the merits of their legal argument and the likelihood of civil action being taken if the recipient ignores the requests in the letter. Having only seen one page of this letter and read the associated news story, I can't draw a firm conclusion but I don't think I'd be sweating this one.

Actually, it was captioned: "Demand to Cease and Desist…."
And no, I'm not "sweating this" in the slightest, sir, because nothing significant ever happens with attorneys until "Mr. Green" shows up… and the Deputy Mayor isn't likely to cough up the retainer necessary to move this forward.

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