Wednesday, June 11, 2008


...at the Southampton Cultural Center following Sunday's debate between candidates for the Southampton Village Board:

"Damn, I never realized that all this was going on in our little Village."
"Well, at least we're not Westhampton Beach!"
"Right! 'Crookhampton.'"

Nice! Thanks, Jim.


1. Clamqueen said...

Dean, Did you see tomorrow's Press? There is a full page ad stating that if you vote for John Roland or Tim Laube we will have an eruv and Westhampton Beach will be proclaimed an Orthodox Jewish Community. It is from the Westhampton Beach Alliance for the Separation of Church and State. Elf Phillips-Rentmeister, Craig Middleton, Co-Chairs.

No, I don't get Thursday's edition of The Southampton Press Western Edition until Thurdsay for some reason, but I knew this was coming.
– Dean

2. Redhead Mom said...

It amazes me that Mayor Teller has obviously chosen to a) whitewash, b) chosen to ignore, c) chosen to not investigate, the alleged self-serving actions of Trustee Kametler.
Teller should not be held accountable for Kametlers actions. But, Teller SHOULD be held accountable for not taking action on the allegations.
This Village Board needs new blood. This Village Board needs Trustees whose allegiance is to the Village, NOT, to their Board cronies. This Village needs Trustees who will not look the other way, when their Co-Trustees appear to be in violation of Village Law. Thus, I will cast my vote for Tim Laube and John Roland.
Fellow residents, just ask yourself what your life would be like if you violated Village law. What grief would you encounter if you did something without first obtaining a permit?
How much would it cost you in legal fees to cure and comply?
Would Mayor Teller and Co. come to your defense?
Would they ignore your violation?
Is it old fashioned to expect that our elected officials live by the same laws/standards that us common folk must live by?
When I enter that voting booth I will cast one vote for Mayor. That vote will be for Tim Laube.
When I enter that voting booth I will cast one vote for Trustee. That vote will be for John Roland.
Although I have the right to vote for two Trustees, I will not.
I will withhold my vote for a second Trustee. I hope that in doing so, a clear message will be sent to the existing Trustees.
This is OUR Village. We expect better. We demand better.
— Redhead Mom

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