Monday, June 09, 2008


Mayor Conrad Teller recently told The Press' Jessica DiNapoli that the allegations raised against his running mate "have no basis of fact at the current time," adding:

"…law is law, and someone has to prove [that] someone stayed at the house, that they did pay, and that they did get breakfast¹…"

…in order to establish that Mr. Kametler had violated Westhampton Beach code.

Really? For someone who used to be a member of the Seventh Squad Detectives and the Dis­trict Attorney's Detective Investigator's Unit, Mr. Mayor, whatever happened to "conducting an investigation?"

In reflecting on how other administrations in Westhampton Beach dating over the past half-a-century, might have handled something like "The Kametler Mess," there's little doubt how a Mayor like Ted Conklin, Ham Andon or Bob Strebel… probably others as well… would have responded. They were honorable men.

The errant Trustee would have been called into the Mayor's office and handed a short, type­written letter of resignation, and in no uncer­tain terms been directed to sign it.

No fuss, no excuses… "Jimmy, you're out!"

The longer this is allowed to go on, the more it reflects poorly on not just the Village Board, but all of Westhampton Beach.


¹.- As both the Village Attorney and Building In­spec­tor will tell you, Mayor Teller, "break­fast" has nothing to do with whether there's illegal activity at 24 Oak Street.


1. specialist said...

I have decided that I will tell everyone to vote for Connie Teller and Jim K.
My reason is simple… I want to see the photo of them being led out of Village Hall in handcuffs. Hey Connie, you may have the locals in your pocket, however, Albany does know who the hell you are. Oh, they liked my story. This is gonna be fun!

Don't know what you dimed to Albany, so anytime you'd like to share that, lemme know.

2. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

Breaking news: An unreliable source has told me that at a rally held at the Mill Road 7/11, a spokesperson for the Hispanic Community pledged to back the application for the establishment of the eruv as long as piñatas would be allowed to be hung from the strips of PVC.

Shep, always the irrepressible wag!

3. Clamqueen said...

Wow… the "breakfast" comment is over the top. I hope our Village residents are paying attention. This shouldn't be allowed to go on.

I know "they" packed the room Thursday night, but as others have already noted, some weren't Village residents. Problem is, a lot of the old-timers have such fealty to All-Things-Connie-Because-He's-One-Of-Us, they don't care.
In truth, I'd probably feel much the same way if I hadn't taken the time to actually look at what's going on!

4. Tony Joe Berk said...

Does Claude at Bun and Burger have to pay taxes? After all he doesn't "bed" his customers, he only serves 'em breakfast.

Are we being silly now?
O, that's right… Election time is "the silly season!"

5. John Roland said...

Actually, Miss Adams got that quote of mine in The Post wrong. Mayor Koch, not Mayor Dinkins, said it. I would only add that the people have been punished enough.

That definitely had the ring of Ed Koch.

6. Beach Bum said...

If it looks like a duck, etc............

Says it all!

Everywhere except Westhampton Beach, apparently.

7. Matlynn Carville said...

Mayor Teller said THAT? I sure hope the IRS is sniffing around. Can we FOIA Kametler's taxes the last five years as a public (ostensibly) servant? I take extreme exception to lying politicians making profits with illegal operations. Have they NO decency?

8. Tugboat Bertha said...

This sounds like a lynch mob. The man is innocent until proven guilty and due process must occur before sentencing.

Madam misjudges the situation in the same way that Mayor Teller and the rest of the First Hampton Party inner circle have misjudged it. This isn't a criminal matter at this point… though the tax stuff could lead to that… it's a political problem.
Even you thought the Deputy Mayor "never looked better" at last week's meeting, it was obvious that he was lying, and if you couldn't see that, then I wonder about your usually acute insights.
The incumbents are desperate to keep Jim Kametler on the Village Board… their little power base starts to crumble otherwise.

9. Tugboat Bertha said...

He might have been stonewalling but I dispute your assessment that the Deputy Mayor looked haggard at the June Village Board meeting. He looked robust. My comment was not about his body language.

You're right, "haggard" wasn't the right word.
It's "haunted." He looked "haunted" at the June Village Board meeting.

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