That Potato Farmer Quote

Friday, June 06, 2008

That Potato Farmer Quote

The story made the rounds at the speed of Eckart's-to-Bun'n'Burger-and-across-the-back-fence right after the Village Election two year ago, but of course whoever bothered to actually read the Cindy Adams column on page 14 edition of the June 21, 2006 NY Post, either move their lips when they read "Garfield," or didn't want to spoil a good fable.

The fence whisperers were agog:

"Didja see where that idiot Johnny Roland called us all a bunch of 'potato farmers?!?'"
"Really?!? Well I never…. What a jerk."

That fact that Mr. Roland "never" either, was lost in the giddy gab-fest… and when the current Administration's not-so-secret political operative Angelo dela Fuente tried to play "got­cha" with the former New York City news­caster at last evening's Village Board meeting, it blew up in his face.

Mr. Roland, who is challenging for a Trustee seat this month, deftly and easily countered Señor dela Fuente's attempt at a telling thrust before he finished getting the words out of his mouth:

"Those are Cindy Adams' words, Angelo," the candidate said in measured tones after reading from the gossipist's 2006 column, "Cindy Adams. Not mine."

Nonplussed, the Remsenburg resident sat down and was heard from no more.

Still, 'til the televised June Village Board meet­ing is mounted on the Municipal Website, the errant story will continue to be repeated… probably even by the intellectually dishonest Señor dela Fuente¹

So, in the interests of straightening the record, for those who wish to know what was actually written, read now the words from the NY Post:

Paragraph from Cindy Adams column in the June 21, 2006 NY Post - click for original

While issue may be taken with just how much of the property taxes are paid by second home-owners, the "He called us all a bunch of potato farmers" accusation is bogus.

Tar him, if you feel he requires it, for what he said, not what you heard he said.


¹.- Earlier this decade, while Señor dela Fuente was still maintaining an unpermitted apart­ment above his automotive business at 30 Old Riverhead Road, he circulated the story that a member of Village Government used an opprobrious ethnic slur while inspecting his premises. What undermined the cred­i­bility of the story was that the actual slur and the official alleged to have uttered it, fre­quent­ly changed in the recounting.



1. Vel said...

It is interesting that three of the people who seemed to be supportive of the present Board and Mayor do not reside in the Village. Mr. dela Fuente, Ms. Barrett and Mr. Hager do not have residences in the Village.
Also note the Board failed to mention the executive session they were going into after the regular meeting, although it was on the agenda. Proper form is to close the regular meeting and announce the Executive Session and the Executive Session's subject matter. Perhaps it was to set the new 2008 Summer Bed and Breakfast rates, though I am not sure that would qualify under those pesky open meeting rules.

Ho ho!
I also noted that the current regime had "papered the room" on Thursday evening, just as they did when Lesley Wieland was "bussed" into last June Trustee's meeting from Remsenburg to support the 'possum shooter.
I wasn't going to mention former Police Officer Fred Hager's appearance, but I'm not sure that stating "Debby Lane" when it's nothing more than the location of a shack-up sleep-over, qualifies him as a Village resident.
The irony here is that if there's a former member of the Village Police Department with a worse disciplinary record than the Deputy Mayor, it would be Mr. Hager.

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Well it all depends upon how you look at it. From where I was sitting there were a lot more than "four supporters" of the current regime at the Village Board Meeting. And Angelo's "four words" to Mr. Rowland were met with heavy applause. His words to Mr. Rowland were, "Do you eat potatoes."
So, in the eye of this beholder it was an amusing question and felt like a victory to me.
As for your comment that Mr. Kametler looked haggard, I thought he never looked so well.
And as hard as the loyal opposition has tried to engage Connie in a fight during his two-years as Mayor, he has remained unflappable. He's still got my vote.

Differences of opinion are what make horse racing, of course. That said:
  • That's what claques do… clap.
  • "Victory?" What kind of victory?
  • You must have stars in your eyes.
  • It's fairly easy to "remain unflappable" when you stonewall.

3. Matlynn Carville said...

I'm NOT enamored of the only other candidate to run for Mayor, either. The fact that Mr. Teller fails to allow normal First Amendment discourse became clear with the possum shooting last year. Maybe you like that John Wayne style, ma'am. Whatever rocks your boat.
However, I must say, Tugboat, how can you so blithely dismiss the newest DOCUMENTED issues of a VERY serious nature regarding Mr. Kametler, the one the Mayor and the other Trustees look the other way on?
Look. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet these days. But we're doing it legally and honestly. And then there is Mr. Kametler - (whose eyes seem to be closed more than they're open -- if you have ANY knowledge about body "English" it basically means he's pretending that we can't SEE what he's doing.)
Good grief, Bertha! In violation of Village Code, not to mention the tax laws! There is clearly a different standard for Mr.Kametler. THAT man's got to go! Preferably before the IRS drags him away, OK?
You should further be embarrassed by Mr. "I am NOT a resident of the Village of WHB" Fuentes' deliberate attempt to slur John Roland by attributing to him a comment HE NEVER MADE. Fuentes has NO business being there to begin with. I would suspect the ONLY reason he has crawled out from under his rock is that he knows he can get away with murder in this Village.
How long are you guys going to let this go on?

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

Look at the punctuation in the Cindy Adams column. Whereas John Roland did not call local folks potato farmers, the quotation marks reveal that he was the one who used the David Dinkins quote that "the people have made their choice and now they must be punished." And so he began punishing the newly elected Village Board at their first board meeting with his cleverly phrased questions and innuendos. This duly elected board has been persecuted and maligned by the loyal opposition who lost the election from day one.

  • The issue was always the "potato farmers" attribution. That has been clarified, so now you wish to focus on "the David Dinkins{sic} quote" despite the fact that it was mis-attributed. Ed Koch said it, Mr. Roland quoted it, and Ms. Adams botched it. It was a funny line when it was first uttered 19 years ago, and it was a funny line when it was repeated two years ago. And you insist on clinging to it like some spinster with pinch-nez glasses knitting in the back row and clucking your tongue at anyone or anything which wasn't here 70+ years ago.
  • Surely you're not suggesting that elected public officials shouldn't be questioned?
  • "Cleverly phrased questions and innuendos?!?" You need to have that looked at.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Responding with disdain will not serve to further the discussion. And it was Gussie Meeker who was the spinster with the pinch-nez glasses whose only pleasure in life was driving past your house in first gear.

Difficult to conceal the disdain, I fear.
Your hearing at Village Board meetings is "selective." You've been burning for two years about what you thought was the "potato farmer" crack, and only reluctantly gave that up when the facts sank in.
So now you're carrying on about a funny line uttered by Ed Koch (not David Dinkins!) and presciently repeated by John Roland.
I think we have been punished for the past two years, mostly by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor sending Toni-Jo Birk into dismantle the remarkable work Chief Ray Dean accomplished in finally getting good value out of the Police Department.
Wake up, Bertha… even dear old Gussie Meeker, twere she still alive today, would be all the way into third gear by now. So give it a whirl.

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