June Village Board Meeting

Thursday, June 05, 2008

June Village Board Meeting

Yes, Deputy Mayor James Kametler did show up for this evening's well-attended Trustees meet­ing... no "blue flu" for the candidate, al­though, from his haggard appearance, had he pleaded illness, few would have disagreed.

Trustee Joan Levan listens in incredulous alarm as Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler stumbles for answers

And no, Mayor Conrad Teller, who accurately predicted that he would be reading his name in OtBB "in the morning¹," didn't really try to muzzle anyone, but he did succeed in limiting certain inquiries during the Public Discussion portion of the session.

An enlightening part of the regular meeting came when the Board voted to approve a schedule of Westhampton Free Library uses of Village facilities, and a conspicuous abstention was recorded by multi-Trustee Hank Tucker.

When Trustee Joan Levan, who like Mr. Tucker also serves both WFL and the Village in that capacity, was asked to clarify how she had voted on that resolution, Village Attorney Her­mon "Bo" Bishop, sitting at her elbow, quickly prompted her:

"Of course you voted to abstain."

"No!" the Empress of Oneck shot back, "I voted yes!"

Mr. Bishop immediately attempted to instuct her on the ethical issue, but she would have none of it.

"Certainly I voted 'Yes.' I see nothing wrong with Library activities at the beach."

(But then, what might one expect from someone who voted to approve her own property assessment reduction last year, and then tried to lie about it.)

Public Discussion

Before the first speaker reached the podium, the Deputy Mayor announced that he wished to read a prepared statement, and despite Mayor Teller's direction that he wait, Mr. Kametler plunged ahead. Without specifics, he stated:

"The circulated and printed accusations regarding my personal conduct are misleading, scurrilous², and false."

Later, he was asked to expand on his state­ment and explain exactly what was "false."

Since virtually all of the documents revealing the circumstances of Mr. Kametler's separation from the Village Police Department and the commercial operation of his residence at 24 Oak Street appear on this blogsite, it would be grossly unfair to the man to continue to pub­lish them if they could be shown to be "false."

The Deputy Mayor was unable to amplify his statement.

Later, when former Deputy Mayor Victor Levy questioned Mr. Kametler about his 24 Oak Street residence and directly asked him if he had received any payment this year for its use as a lodging, the man squirmed in his seat, swallowed hard, and upon sotto voce urging first from Mrs. Levan and then Mayor Teller, twice more stumbled through his statement as Mr. Levy's questions became shorter and more pointed.

However, no meaningful response was forth­coming, and a visibly irate Mr. Levy discon­tinued his inquiry.

Mayor Teller then called upon Building and Zoning Administrator Paul Houlihan to detail the process the Village follows when there is a suspected violation of Village Code §197-84. Basically, it was the cele­brated Jerry McGuire refrain: Show me the money!

The Challenging Candidates

Former Deputy Mayor Tim Laube, who is test­ing Mayor Teller's popularity on June 20th, was in attendance but spoke only when Quiogue gadfly Irene Barrett³ persisted in asking him his position on the Hampton Synagogue's cur­rent­ly inactive request for an eruv chatzerot in Westhampton Beach. (He supports it.)

John Roland who is vying for one of the seats presently held by Trustees Mr. Kametler and Toni-Jo Birk, also informed Ms. Barrett of his support for the Synagogue when he went to the podium, but made his most telling point when Remsenburg resident Angelo dela Fuente attempted a "gotcha" over an item in a 2006 NY Post column by gossipist Cindy Adams.

Mr. Roland saw where Señor dela Fuente was headed four words out of the man's mouth, cut him off with a "I'm glad you asked me that, Angelo," whipped a fading clipping out of his pocket, and quoted the short item verbatim.

"Those are Cindy Adams' words, Angelo," the former Channel 5 news anchor said very de­lib­erately, "Cindy Adams. Not mine."

The Teller Administration's back-room opera­tive gulped, started to say something, then sat down, his ploy having blown up in his face.

"Cindy Adams' words. Not mine," Mr. Roland restated, offering the clipping to the mum­bling dela Fuente. "Would you like to read them?"

"I read it" the abashed man muttered, and was either lying, or his English-as-a-second-language skills need refreshing.

Trustee Toni-Jo Birk

Mrs. Birk, again sport­ing a new coiffure, also showed off a different fashion, one which was distinctive­ly First Lady in style: the triple strand of pearls favored by Barbara Bush, and a dress which seemed to be on loan from the Smithsonian's Mamie Eisenhower collection.

Otherwise the meeting was uneventful... in at 7:00 pm, out by 7:47 pm.


¹.- The Mayor volunteered the information that he "scanned the blog from time-to-time be­cause ... I like to keep up with what's going on in the Village." This does not, however, assure that he will take any action.

².- It's apparent that the Deputy Mayor has no idea what "scur­ri­lous" means, only that it sounded good.

³.- This is one very dour, one-note/one topic individual in dire need of some "happy pills."


1. John Roland said...

I must say, I attended the meeting tonight, and was amazed that Deputy Mayor Kemetler's nose didn't grow as he spoke to the point where he couldn't make his way down the stairs and out of the building!!! He sure told some alleged whoppers. I never thought I would meet Pinnochio in person.
But what really counts, when the chips are down, and the curtain is closed, is this the type of person we want running our lives, setting out taxes, determining our destiny? I mean, we're all in in this boat together. And if we don't pull together, and for each other, we'll surely sink together. I really don't want that. So, if you are pleased with whom you voted for two years ago, then by all mean, re-elect Jim. But if you think, "Well maybe I made a mistake," then vote for a wiser choice, whomever that might be.
And thank you Dean, for giving us a chance to have our say in this election, because the incumbents refused to have an open and honest debate. John Roland

2. Matlynn Carville said...

It ain't over till it's over, folks.
FIRST: *Show up* Election Day and cast your ballot! Also WRITE in your choice of candidate, (as recommended by Elyse with a "Y" Richman.) Vote for who you REALLY want running the shop. It's still a free country. We HAVE options. Remember, the very seeds of a free republic are nurtured in YOUR village. Do what you can to stop the erosion of honesty and transparency here. Now! Please!
And thanks for your forum to air the dirty laundry, Dean. Keep 'em honest… if you can.

After last evening, that may be beyond me. Mayor Teller is stone-walling and the others kept their heads down and listened as Deputy Mayor Kametler lied and squirmed.

3. Clamqueen said...

Mamie Eisenhower… you crack me up!

O, c'mon, CQ! While the former First Lady was no Jackie Kennedy as a haute Couturist… who was?!… Mrs. Eisenhower was quite fashionable for the day, and never resorted to the "respectable Republican cloth coat" of Pat Nixon.

4. Tony Joe Berk said...

John, good luck on June 20! If you get in, any chance of "FOXING" up the televised board meetings?

It is furiously to be hoped not.

5. Worried said...

Does anyone else wonder that our youth is losing respect for the police? The example set by Teller and Kemetler concerning abiding by the law and telling the truth is disgraceful. They both sat in front of the Village residents and lied. How can anyone who values the truth vote for either of them. If they can be so dishonest in front of the people, what are they doing behind the backs of the residents? I do not like mudslinging, but the matter of honesty is a sincere concern. I hope others have the same concerns and will express them when they vote June 20th. These two men have done everything in their power to disrupt any corrections made in the police department, and it's easy to see why: they have no respect for honest and hardworking police. They want to see the past return with the good ole boys covering for one another. Shame on Teller, he should know better, he has been a policeman for a long time. Kemetler just can't help himself, hej ust doesnt get it. Perhaps they both should sit down with Teller's cousin, the Village Attorney, and he could explain to them what an oath really means and that the law applies to them the same as anyone else.
Keep up the good work, Dean, though I doubt you can ever keep them honest, you are bringing us the honest side of the story. I still think you should have run, hope you consider next time around.

You see the issue(s) quite clearly, and thank you for you vote of confidence.
In truth, I could not, as a matter of personal ethics, maintain this Blog and run for Village office at the same time.

6. Specialist said...

This is the problem with small town politics. You can just stand there and lie.
I dont know police documents; however, those that were posted on this Website looked like the real deal.
Jim said the documents were misleading. Those documents led me to believe that he abused his Police Powers.
Those documents also show why he is after Ray Dean.
This Village needs to be investigated.

The Deputy Mayor's response in these matters is classic CIA protocol for when one is caught red-handed:
  1. Deny Everything!
  2. Admit nothing!
  3. Make counter accusations!
Yes, that's one of the reasons why he's "going after" Chief Dean; just as the Great Oak Street 'Possum Shooting Spree reports reveal why he went after Lieutenant Trevor Gonce.
Certain areas of the Village certainly do need to be scrutinized.

7. Matlynn Carville said...

As much as we all like it, it seems to me you could let the blog go. Leave the Web version of the back fence for a spell and put your considerable skills to work at ground zero -- Village hall. You can certainly drum up enough interest for a write-in campaign on your blog, then gently retire it a spell when you win a seat. Otherwise, nothing changes, does it?

Having too much fun with the Blog to take another shot at politics.
Besides, I married well, a wife with great Medical Benefits, so I don't need the dental insurance.

8. Elyse Richman said...

Start selling advertising space, Dean. Make some money at this. Can I give a dollar off an ice cream for every reader of your blog. Everyone is reading it. A Chamber member has just requested to be removed from the chmaber website, I guess there are no rooms left at the inn?

I have no idea of what you are talking about… what Chamber member? Which Website? Why?

9. Tugboat Bertha said...

I see that both "John Rowland" and "Worried" spelled Jim Kametler's name "Kemetler." When you knock Kametler off in the election, then you can have a parade down Main Street. I'm still voting for the Mayor!

And you chose to spell "Roland" as "Rowland," so your point is lost on me.
Additionally, the election is not this "Friday," but next Friday, the 20th.
As for a parade, I don't think so… unless it's the type thrown for Benito and Clara back in '45….

10. Tugboat Bertha said...

The "point" was that the similar spellings seemed to indicate that perhaps the same person wrote them. You are really testy tonight. Don't fret. Your team could win the election. And then there will be dancing in the streets with or without you. :)

If you suspect that the same misspellings are some sort of "clue," you have as much opportunity for a Detective's shield as Jim Kametler did.
"Testy" is what one gets when readers… and those who attended Thursday evening's Village Board meeting… deny the facts as well as their own eyes and ears.
About that "team" business! What team? There's only one team running this year: the First Hampton Party. Everyone else is running independently.
I guess it doesn't bother you to be so ill-informed.
P.S. - My team won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. I missed the parade in Detroit, however.

11. Worried said...

Tugboat, no, the same person didn't write the two comments with misspellings. I don't think misspelling his name is quite the same, or of as much importance, as the fact he is a liar. Your chioce to vote for Teller is your right -- it seems that there are those who don't mind seeing their village led by deceitful LIARS.

12. Tugboat Bertha said...

A vote for Connie doesn't imply a vote for Kametler. Let's not compare apples and oranges.

Okay… except that it's clear that Mayor Teller is working hard to pull the Deputy Mayor through this mess.

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