'I see by the paper...'

Thursday, June 05, 2008

'I see by the paper...'

Time to put on my Gabriel Heatter cap again, and comment on several items in this week's Southampton Press Western Edition.

  • Editor Frank Costanza seems to have disremembered his vow of a year ago that he would be adding a disclaimer to any overtly partisan Letters signed by Jean Schweibish, Secretary and consort to Village Attorney Hermon "Bo" Bishop.

    Ms. Schweibish, who has been uncom­mon­ly low-profile over the past 11 months, is questioning the bona-fides of Mayoral Candidate Tim Laube.

(Another letter-writer, the usually level-headed Harris Palmer, states without reservation that "All three incumbents should be returned to office," unpeturbed by Deputy Mayor James Kam­etler's utter lack of an ethical compass.)

  • The lead Editorial, "Avoiding a Tragedy," responsibly addresses the issue of swimming pool safety, but starts by citing the incident of:
    "...Dashaunte Baskerville, an 11-year-old from nearby Brentwood."
    What exactly is The Press' criterion for "nearby?!?" Is this a hint that the news­paper, having already made major in­cursions into East Hampton and eastern Brookhaven, is setting its sights even further West?
  • Blossoming reporter Jessica DiNapoli has a nice page one story on the Village's annual receipt of the Arbor Day Foundation "Tree City" recognition.

    On point for the municipality is Trustee Joan Levan, a late-comer to the West­hampton Beach Beautification and Tree Com­mittee which she now chairs.

    No surprise there; the Empress of Oneck has hip-checked or driven off with her imperious manner, many of the original Com­mittee members, the ones who actually did the work.

Everyone girding up for tonight's Village Board meeting?


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