An on-going enterprise…

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An on-going enterprise…

Deputy Mayor James Kametler's wife, Carol S. Meyer, as recently as January of this year, was operating, without benefit of Village permit or Suffolk County license, their premises at 24 Oak Street as a commercial inn or lodging.

In that instance, Ms. Meyer charged a reduc­ed rate of $127, the maximum per diem allowable by the General Services Adminstra­tion for the U.S. Government contractors who were participating in a program sponsored by the Westhampton Beach Fire District.

A source with direct knowledge of the situa­tion, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that when the Fire District hosted a January 19 event featur­ing two responders to the Columbine High School tragedy, the guests were lodged at the 24 Oak Street location.

Asked about the business part of the trans­action, the source stated:

"They accepted the stipulated Government rate, and were paid with a Government credit card through Pay Pal since both guests were U.S. Government contractors."


"Everyone was very pleased with the accommoda­tions, and Carol was very nice. No breakfast was provided, but she did serve coffee."

Information has also been developed that at least one other area organization has used the Deputy Mayor's 24 Oak Street residence as a lodging resource.



1. Bryan Dean said...

Jim Kametler, do us all a favor at Thursday's meeting… RESIGN!!!

You're assuming that the Dep'ty Mayor will even show up at tomorrow's Village Board meeting.

2. Clamqueen said...

The plot thickens!

It still won't thicken as much as the Dep'ty Mayor's skull!

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

If this is his wife's house and his wife's bed and not breakfast, then you are going after the wrong person. Cindy McCain doesn't file a joint return with John so perhaps the Kametlers do not file jointly either.

Madam is evidencing a major case of denial.
Whatever the structure of the relationship between the two who live at 24 Oak Street, Trustee James Kametler listed himself as the point of contact for the "24 Oak Street Bed and Breakfast" and "24 Oak Street Bed and Bath." He is Deputy Mayor, for the love of whatever's sacred to you.
Ms. Meyer, who Mr. Kametler refers to as his wife, is being "gone after" for her tax-cheating and disinclination to abide by the laws.

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