Making the rounds…

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Making the rounds…

…across the tables of Bun'n'Burger and Eck­art's, and over the back fences of Westhamp­ton Beach is an untimely whiff of impropriety within the Village Department of Public Works.

scene of the crime DPW employee Roni Mills

The Who, the What and the Where are known, and the Why can be readily surmised.

What is unclear is the When, only that it occurred on a Satur­day within the past month.

Department of Public Works Superintendent George Gordon

Both Mayor Conrad Teller and DPW Superintendent George Gordon are said to have been made aware of one of the offenses after the fact, but it is un­clear what action is being contemplated at present by the Village Board.

The "untimely" part is that the issue is surfac­ing in the midst of the re-election campaigns of Trustees James Kametler (whose political baggage is already bursting at the seams) and Toni-Jo Birk, and Mr. Teller.

Village gas pumps behind the old police station

While the Mayor's popularity makes him a pro­hibitive favorite in the June 20th election, Public Works is a Village department which not only seemed untainted by controversy, but is felt to be a personal favorite of Mr. Teller's.


1. Specialist said...

Just one word for this current administration: DIRTY. Let's just hope this does not fall on deaf ears. By the way Dean. You were just a tad bit harsh on Elyse… Give her break… no on else has.

I can tell from the increased amount of traffic to the Blogsite, there are a whole lot of people following this issue… whether they follow it into the polling place is something else again.
Now that I've gotten to know Mr. Richman a little bit over the past nine months or so, I kind of like her. But we still have a fundamental difference… I won't tolerate whining.

2. Tony Joe Berk said...

Am I missing something here? What happened on a Saturday in the past month?

Like the husband, TJB, you are always the last to know!

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