Sexual jealousy did him in

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sexual jealousy did him in

Deputy Mayor James Kametler

The end of Deputy Mayor Jim Kam­etler's law enforcement career in Westhampton Beach is the stuff of Greek tragedy… he let his personal "baggage" override his professional responsibilities.

Not that the "final straw" was a new problem with the sworn officer, as the reports of the man, while in uniform and supposedly on a tour of duty, doing his private business were numerous over the years he was "on the job."

(And, yes, this was the type of abuse that was endemic within the local PD over the decades, but which Chief Ray Dean had put a stop to before Trustee Toni-Jo Birk began micro-managing the Department.)

But shopping for paint in Tru-Value Hardware instead of patrolling his sector¹ of the Village, was not what put paid to Jim Kametler's time in blue, it was straight out sexual jealousy, a destructive motivation since Eve looked at another man.

Law Enforcement documents released under a Freedom of Information Act request show that at 8:33am on 4 March 2003 Village Police Dis­patcher Kathleen Barosa "improperly obtained" the DMV registration information on a certain license plate, and that the request came from one "jim k."

That there was no "jim k" on duty at that time would have been known to R.O. Barosa, but that is the subject of another discussion.

Improper access of DMV information² is deemed a serious offense by New York State Police, and because P.O. Kametler, driven by the suspicion that his then-estranged first wife, Pamela Rae Kametler, was involved with another man, did something stupid: he let it be known that he knew the name of the owner of a vehicle in his soon-to-be-ex-wife's driveway.

Never mind that P.O. Kametler was already heavily involved with Carol Meyer, his present wife, the thought that something like this was also happening at the domicile he had abandoned, seems to have unhinged him.

(Who of the male gender has not had similar pangs? I cringe at some personal recollections!)

Whether the first Mrs. Kametler was having it off with the owner of a car in her driveway early one morning is immaterial… she says it was "a friend," but then women have been saying things like this throughout the ages!

What matters is that Jim Kametler abused his position as a sworn officer of the law and violated the trust of the people he was sworn to "serve and protect," and it cost him his job.

The very system he abused, inexorably found him out, and he was called on the carpet for it.

His explanation to his Chief was that he'd espied his then 16-year-old, and unlicensed, daughter driving an unknown vehicle on Mon­tauk Highway in Westhampton Beach, and as any responsible parent³ would do, wanted to check it out. That the story was a fabrication is less important than that the incident caused P.O. Kametler to sense that his goose was just about cooked as a cop.

Whatever was said behind the closed door of the Chief's sanctum santorum, a disciplinary report was issued which caused Officer Kamet­ler to (again) be docked five days of accrued Sick Time, and he decided that it was time to cash in his chips (and whatever "sick days" he had left) and resign his position.

The Relevant Documents

Various disparate sources have stated that after the first Mrs. Kametler obtained most of these documents under a FOIA request and fax'd them to The Southampton Press Western Edition prior to the 2006 Village Election, the newspaper declined to go forward with any of the information.

That was likely a tough decision for then Editor W. Michael Pitcher, but an understandable one given the appearance of the "woman scorned" factor.

Not that that same factor isn't in play now, but it's thoroughly documented, #1, and, #2, in light of last year's Great Oak Street Possum Shooting Spree and the ongoing Bed & Break­fast controversy, the character and judgement of the candidate is a significant question facing the voters in the June 20th election.

Jim Kametler's ability to make good decis­ions becomes all the more critical in the context that as Deputy Mayor, he's a heartbeat away from running the Village.


¹.- Something else with which Mrs. Birk has inexpertly and unwisely tampered.

².- A review of the accompanying documents reveal that different License Plate numbers were cited, so there were multiple offenses. (Identifying information has been redacted for privacy purposes.)

³.- Which assertion flies in the face of sub­stantal documentation to the contrary, none of which is relevant to the matter at hand.



1. Matlynn Carville said...

Oh good grief. Speir, waddyasay? Want to run a write-in campaign for yourself? I hear they have dental benefits... I know you have the votes!

2. Specialist said...

Congrats Dean, you are finally on the road to discovering why it has been the mission of Connie and Jim to go after anyone associated with Ray Dean. Ray has tried to get rid of the corruptive habits that plagued the department when Connie ran it. The only problem is that Ray Dean is a Civil Service Chief. He cannot be replaced at the flip of a hat. So, go after the people close to him. Trevor Gonce was demoted due to fiscal reasons? Then explain the new dispatcher, raises and promotions in the Highway Department, etc. Trevor Gonce was demoted because he was a hard working officer who never caved into the do-nothin' work ethic of the senior officers in the department that were raised under the arm of Connie. Next, you need to track down the other officer who is a loyal worker of Ray Dean and ask him how he has been the target of complaints intitated by the cronies of Connie Teller.

Thank you, but there's nothing "finally" about most of this… take a close look and it's all right there for the intelligent observer.
But one important clarification… Conrad Teller didn't "create" the department, it had been that way since I started clocking it in late 1959. The attitudes and slip-shod practices were passed down from Stanley J. Teller to Carl Eng to Jim Doyle to (briefly) Brian McCreedy and then Connie. Some in Westhampton Beach didn't know how it worked, others didn't care as long as their homes were regularly "house watched" by cops on duty, they got to the airport in plenty of time to make their flights, etc.
Unfortunately for the old timers, that era passed, and they've fought it tooth and nail, and with Trustee/Police Commissioner Toni-Jo Birk's help, have rolled back the clock a bit.

3. Clamqueen said...

Does Jim understand the word "Trustee" has it's origins in the word "TRUST?"

One can never be certain about what the Deputy Mayor actually "understands."

4. Frank Wheeler said...

Sweet! Ole Cementhead was allowed to take early retirement while he still had some sick days to cash in!
Now you need to look into the really sweet deal the Village Board recently cut Phil Havens so he could get out early.

There's still a number of issues surrounding the Deputy Mayor's exit from the Village Police Department, not the least of which is how he managed to obtain the handgun with which he went on his 'Possum Shooting Spree after the Sheriff's Department took away all his firearms as the result of a restraining order.
As for former P.O. Havens, things like that have a way of coming out… and it's ironic that the Village Board found the money for his irregular early retirement when they couldn't find the money to keep Trevor Gonce at the Lieutenant's position he had earned.

5. NoLongerEditor said...

Dean: My tenure at the Press ended in April of 2006 and I never received the documents re Officer Kametler, which must have arrived after my departure. If I had received official documents I certainly would have done a story for the paper. - WMP.

Thanks for the note, Michael.
The papers and my notes show that most of the documentation for this report was released by the Village on April 23rd, and fax'd to the Mitchell Road office almost immediately. Reporter Kathleen Fitzpatrick was the actually receipient of the faxes. If you'd already left by then, then the decision was made by whoever followed you, Frank Costanza or an interim Editor, and a reluctance to go forward with a story is even more understandable given that the Village terrain would have still been very new to him or her.

6. Krissy said...

Dean, why are you publishing this blog five years after it happened? That isn't very timely. As any good writer would know, it is all about timing. Second off, maybe you should reconsider where you get your facts from; talking to Pamela Rae on the phone isn't the best way to get the info since she a pathological liar and definitely on the crazy side. I am just saying....

Well, Krissy, one might just as well ask why you are responding to a blog entry that's almost three years old?

Opinions are one thing, and delineated as such... "facts" are documented and OtBB has substantial documentation for what has been published.

7. RJ said...

WOW, the best thing for Jim K to do is leave this area. He's really made a name for himself. What a loser.

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