The Primary Polls are closed...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Primary Polls are closed...

...on the 2018 Primary contest to see who will bear the Democratic standard opposing two-term Republican Lee Zeldin in the 1st Congressional District.

No real surprise tonight... by far the best-funded (and biggest fraud), Perry Gershon, was an easy winner de­spite a late push by Irish-born Kate Browning.

Unofficial results, all 842 precincts reporting:

  • David Pechefsky... 2,425 (11.92%)
  • Kate M Browning... 6,159 (30.26%)
  • Elaine Di Masi... 1,207 (5.93%}
  • Perry Gershon... 7,226 (35.51%)
  • Vivian M Viloria-Fisher... 3,314 (16.28%)
  • Write-in Ballots... 20 (0.10%)

My wife will now strike the Pechefsky campaign sign from our front yard, but probably won't throw it out just yet.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

True. I didn't throw yours out either, dear.

Of course not... they make great target stands on the range.
– Dean

2. Forest Markowitz said...

Spent last 7 days in Colorado working on the campaign for governor in the democratic primary for a very good friend of mine who was running.

We were outspent 12 to 1, and got accordingly trounced.

Money talks.

What a good friend you are... trust the losing candidate isn't curled in a fetal position, refusing to talk to anyone.
– Dean

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