Silliest <i>NY Post</i> story of the month...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Silliest NY Post story of the month... far! But then we know how that tabloid loves to titillate their strap-hanging "have-nots" with anything to do with the glamorous and unattainable "The Hamptons!"

Judge orders ‘dangerous’ pit bull to spend summer in the Hamptons

"'Luna, the dog at issue, will remain in Quogue June 15, 2018 through September 12, 2018,' Justice Joan Madden ruled Tuesday...."

Most long-time Quogue-ites will recoil in horror up­on learning that the Big Apple tabloid is identifying 11959 as "a Hamptons," and are thanking whatever powers that be that there's no longer an LIRR station in their Village.

But there's no denying that the New York Post loves hyper­bole as much as Donald Trump and has a decades-long head start on perfecting it.

"...the hulking pit bull...."

"Hulking?" This description is barely born out by the accompanying photograph of the antagonist!

And then there's the Post's celebrated fact-checking of this assertion by the injured party's attorney, one Richard Bruce Rosenthal, a/k/a "The Dog Lawyer:"

"Long Island has stricter regulations on aggressive dogs than New York City."

(Wait'll Mayor Bill de Blasio hears about that!)

In essence, while there is presently a great deal of attention focused on "The Hamptons," not a lot of NY Post readership is all that interested in golf, so this is "a story" that'l be more relatable.


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