I've been to Las Vegas numerous times...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I've been to Las Vegas numerous times...

...over the past 30 years, usually to cover the SHOT Show when I was a gunzine writer, and the abundance of neon, especially the indoors variety, invariable induced a headache and a sense of disorientation.

Just getting from an elevator to an exit door is chal­leng­ing: garish orange-red neon slot machines emitting high-pitched electronic noises that would sterilize frogs at 100 yards... successfully navigating one of those sensory-numbing areas was a noteworthy accomplishment.

Elvis had long since checked out by the time of my first trip to Vegas as an adult, as had more recently Liberace, and I was never interested in seeing Wayne Newton, Sieg­fried & Roy or Blue Man Group.

The one word that best describes Las Vegas to me is "excess," and nowhere has this been more on (delightful) display than in the first two games of the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup Finals. The city and the Golden Knights' organization have put on a helluva entertaining show for hockey fans and those who like spectacle.

All I can say is they certainly like to do things big in the Nevada desert!

(Wait'll the Oakland Raiders, by Los Angeles out of Oak­land, get here two seasons hence!

Owner Mark Davis may not be his father Al, but there's a reason he's moving the team here... and it's not for the climate!)

Longtime followers of OtBB know that I'm a Detroit Red Wings fan of almost 70 years duration, and will remain so despite my admiration for the Golden Knights and their unprecidented achievement in their inaugural season.

But instead of popping out to Michigan next Fall to see the Red Wings in action, I just might circle a date when they next play in Las Vegas.

Whether the Wings win or lose... Detroit was actually the first team to ever beat the Golden Knights last October... I'm sure I'll get my money's worth!


1. Fjmarkowitz said...


Did Vegas get a sweetheart draft compared to post 1967 expansion draft?

I think the most recent NHL expansion draft was structured more equitably than the initial one, but remember, the '67 draft doubled the league from the "original six" and of necessity, diluted the existing talent. Not this past year, though, #1, and, #2, Las Vegas drafted very wisely.
– Dean

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