Remember how I said...

Monday, May 21, 2018

Remember how I said...

...back at the beginning of March in a critique of Season 2 of ABC network's "Desig­nated Survivor:"

"So, sadly, I'm out!"

Less than two months later, ABC said the same thing, and canceled the series.

Well, not so fast!

While the network hasn't changed its mind, the pioneering streaming service has tossed its hat into the ring:

'Designated Survivor:' Netflix Eyes Thriller Drama Series After ABC Cancellation

It's still barely passed the "speculative" stage, but it demonstrates that the streaming services are experiencing the same problem the cable channels have suffered since their explosive grown two decades ago: a dearth of content.

Stay tuned!


1. WR Moore said...

Considering what I see on the listings on the satellite, the dearth of content equals the death of quality.

I believe there was a song about this sometime back: "57 Channels and Nothing On."

Aye that. Bruce Springsteen.

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