My spirits soar this date...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

My spirits soar this date...

Sassy it is the fourth birthday of Sassy (short for Sasquatch, for her youthful predilection for stepping on my feet), our 80-pound pure-bred Rottweiler and a real sweetie pie.

But at the same time my heart is heavy for the fiery deaths of 76 religious practitioners of an offshoot of Seventh-day Adventism near Waco, Texas, and the darkest malignant actions of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City.

There are other reasons to remember April 19th... 1775 and 1943 chief among them.


1. FJ Markowitz said...

Okay, I think I know my history on one date: 1775 was Lexington and Concord battles.

1943? A war year, without cheating on Google don't know that one.

Right on the start of the American Revolution. On the other, keep thinking.

2. FJ Markowitz said...

Thinking a little more, if 1775 was an “uprising” then I'll Guess the Warsaw Uprising which I know was sometime in the Spring of 1943.

Good man! It was in fact the brutally addressed Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in which a handful of Jews with a total of seven (7!) firearms (mostly relics) among them, started killing Nazis.

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