April Village Board Meeting

Thursday, April 05, 2018

April Village Board Meeting

Mayor Maria Moore called the monthly meeting of a full complement of the Westhampton Beach Board of Trustees to order at 5:06 pm, a trifle tardy owing to a technical issue with the video recording equipment.

The Board, having reviewed the Tentative Budget, opened a public hearing on the matter. Only one member of the audience, Stillwaters resident Sabina Trager raised any questions.

(Mrs. Trager, having already picked up a nominating petition, is a potential Board candidate in June's Vil­lage election... who didn't see that coming?)

Requesting clarification on how much of an increase in taxes there would be based on the proposed budget, Mayor Moore and Trustee Brian Tymann took pains to explain to the woman what a reduced tax rate meant.

(The Budget figures reveal a 2018-2019 rate of $2.9874 as opposed to 2017-2018's $3.0297.)

That settled, without further change, alteration, or additions, the Board hereby adopted the 2018-19 fiscal year Tentative Budget in its current form.

In addition to some routine housekeeping matters and request approvals, the Board accepted a $2,000 proposal from Island Surf to operate a Kayak/Canoe/Paddle Board concession at the Village Marina during the 2018 Summer season.

At approximately 5:34 pm, the Mayor closed the public portion of the meeting as the Board went into Executive Session in order to discuss employee contracts.


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