<i>'Hap and Leonard'</i> is back...

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

'Hap and Leonard' is back...

...and all will be right in my television-viewing world for the next six weeks as the latest adaptation of Joe R. Lans­dale's popular series of novels, "The Two-Bear Mambo," debuted this evening, and it had Jeanne and myself chortling with considerable gusto from the jump.

Not surprising given that Lansdale is a laugh-out-loud writer, and I've read the entire series of books about best pals Hap Collins, a white ex-con, and Leonard Pine, an openly gay black retired Marine.

The television series, now in its third season on The Sundance Channel (Optimum #192), is a delight. To­night's episode is available on-line.


1. WR Moore said...

Based on your comments and not ready for sleep I tried the next to last episode last night. Must be an acquired taste.

Do have a question: After getting the crap beat out of him Leonard was visited by a shade of someone in uniform. Given the matching nose band aids, I assumed it was an earlier version of Leonard. In an army uniform.

So, did I misidentify, the show change his branch of service or are the production values challenged?

Fair question!

By the original author, Leonard Pine is a Vietnam era Marine Corps grunt. I was concerned enough when I saw that "flashback character" in what appeared to be a dark green U.S. Army Class A blouse, so I did a little research and found this supporting image.

Otherwise, yours remain open questions.

2. WR Moore said...

OK, you confirmed the character was not in a USMC class A. The fabric differences are distinctive. And unreasonably expensive if you've gotta buy them.

The fabric during a dark scene? You've got better eyes than I!

3. WR Moore said...

Sorry about the delay in replying. There's a whole bunch of subtle clues (including fabric), but the big give away was the fourragere' (had to look up spelling). Then you could go back, pause and nit pick.

I would refer you to this bit of esoteria: This is why some Marines wear the 'French Fourragere,' and some don't.

My, but aren't we pickin' some nits!

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