What the hell did TV Guide do...

Monday, March 05, 2018

What the hell did TV Guide do...


...to Lionel Richie's face or head on the cover of the current (March 5-18, 2018) issue?

My wife, who knows about such things, wonders is he's suffering from Acromegaly.

(Contemporaries of mine may recall Rondo Hatton, a screen actor with a limited film career during the '30s and '40s.)

Compare the images below, Richie on TV Guide now, and Richie just three years ago at age 65.

I wish only well for the celebrated musician, but I think TV Guide's got some explaining to do!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

n further examination, I have to say I don't see other clinical manifestations of acromegaly.

Well, you would know that more than I. It's still weird-lookinng, though!
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

You know what? He looks more like maybe plastic surgery, maybe a spray tan, and Adobe Photoshop diagnosis to me. I see no evidence of acromegaly, sorry.

But why would any Art Director do something like that?

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