Dog Food Buyer Alert!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Dog Food Buyer Alert!

Today brought alarming news for dog owners who've embraced Blue Buffalo as the healthiest choice for their household best friends:

General Mills to buy natural pet food company Blue Buffalo for about $8 billion in cash

Blue Buffalo has been one of the higher end makers of quality pet foods with an emphasis on nutrition and really healthy eating.

There is, however, no letter "Q" in the General Mills alpha­bet, so the traditional quality will notably be missing from the Blue Buffalo line is the not too distant future.

As I long ago learned from Frank Bickley of Westhampton Pet, it's good to check the ingredients label on the dog food bag on a regular basis.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Human food, too. Levy's Rye Bread, one of the finest Jewish Rye breads over the years, lost its texture and flavor. Big time. So I called the number on the package and found out Arnolds now owns them. The only good news from this is I found Stop and Shop's Rye bread is quite good; a store label for a far more expensive company.

Good to know! (But back in the '50s Arnold's Brick Oven White was a real PB&J treat! It wasn't "Premium" back then... didn't need to be.)
– Dean

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