Not that unusual in that part of the world

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Not that unusual in that part of the world

This news report caught my attention this morning:

Cruise ship on which big brawl broke out docks in Melbourne

"A cruise ship that had to have 23 members of an unruly family booted off after a mass brawl has docked in Mel­bourne. Passengers described three days of mayhem during what was supposed to be an ideal holiday through the South Pacific."

I think George Takei said it best: "O my!"

I've never been "down under," but the big Oirish gal...

(Code name: "Fanne Anne" in my Chronicle-News columns from that time.)

...I ran with through the '80s had once taken a three month con­tract with Perillo Tours that started in Alaska and ended in Australia, had some amazing tales to relate.

Aside from three days at sea without any refrigeration while heading to Hawaii, the trip had been uneventful 'til they raised Brisbane and took on a compliment of passengers for a 3400 mile jaunt to Auckland, New Zealand and back.

There were early indications of what was ahead, she said:

"There were dozens of strapping young men with sun-streaked hair embarking with a case of Foster's on one shoulder and well-tanned young women in bikinis over the other."


"Yeah? Well, the ship hadn't left port before the tops came off and the lager was broken out. And before we'd fully left the harbor, the bottoms had been discarded and the deed was being done on deck chairs everywhere."

(It was time to switch to Wallace Shawn.)

"Not really...I was informed by ship's officers that this was fairly routine in that part of the world, and that I should just cough discreetly and look the other way."

"That's it?" she was asked.

"Well, to avoid joining in if practical."

More I was reluctant to ask.


1. Van Howell said...

Word's getting around, it seems. But rest assured, behavior on cruise ships is probably somewhat inhibited by concerns over the national image. When you live here a while and people start to relax in your presence, you begin to experience the real Oz. Quite a place!

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