So now they've settled the $$$ dispute...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

So now they've settled the $$$ dispute...

...between Altice/Optimum (née "#$@&%*! Cable­vision!") and the Starz cable channels that's been raging simmering since the end of 2017.

(cf: "Happy New Year from Optimum...")

This arrived in an E-mail this very morning:

Great news! Starz and StarzEncore are returning to Optimum!

"We fought hard on your behalf to reach a fair agree­ment with Starz so you can enjoy the drama, action and excitement from Starz and Starz Encore on your TV lineup at a great value."

(Uh oh! Better get out the lube!)

"The channels will return by the end of the month to all packages that it was previously available in and for a-la-carte customers. There is nothing you need to do. The channels will be restored automatically...."

Well, there is one leeeetle thing you need to do, and that is check you next Optimum bill and see how much the in­crease is.

In colloquy with an Optimum television representative just now, he noted that there was no price increase at this time for the return of the Starz channels, and also denied that, despite assertions by a Starz-sponsored commercial last month that Starz customers should contact Optimum for a rebate, there was no such rebate.

"That was just a tactic by Starz to get customers to exert greater pressure on Optimum," OtBB was told.

This entire dispute has been about money... our money... and someone was always going to have to pay!

That someone is Altice/Optimum customers... us!


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