Tarnation! 'Damnation' has been axed!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tarnation! 'Damnation' has been axed!

Cable USA (Optimum Channel 38) has dropped, after just one season, it's '30s period drama "Damnation." Drat!

'Damnation' Canceled at USA Network

"With live-plus-3 returns, Damnation bowed to a not-insignificant 1.4 million viewers. Subsequent episodes, however, dropped dramatically."

Double drat! I really liked that show!


Set in the start of Depression-era Iowa, the 10-episode series was singular in that it featured no clearly defined "white hat" good guy standing against a wind-swept field of false prophets, corrupt law enforcers, brutal strike-breakers, rapacious capitalists and a not-all-that-secret group of black-hooded and robed vigilantes yclept the Black Legion.

(In 1937 Warner Brothers released a thematically similar film of that name featuring contract players Humphrey Bogart and Erin O'Brien-Moore.)

The putative protagonist is a preacher with a lethal past and his antagonist, a murderous Pinkerton, is (O boy!) his brother.

The production has a cast of unknown and little-known actors working with compelling material on some well-realized period sets with Alberta, Canada shot for the farm country of Iowa.

The cancellation notice is unfortunate, but since Netflix was a co-producer, there's always a possibility that the stream­ing service might okay another season.


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