Sighting on Aspatuck: a 'Llama-Deer'

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sighting on Aspatuck: a 'Llama-Deer'

Well, that's what my wife, perhaps our foremost local Odocoileus virginianus-ologist calls it... at least second only to Bill Bennett.


(Mr. Bennett has yet to see the creature in the wild.)


To my untrained eye, based on her iPhone photos... they don't seem to make a macro lens for her device yet... it looked like a dappled albino deer of some sort... but what do I know?

Still, Jeanne was persistent:

"Didn't your friend Steve Frankfurt keep llamas on his place just over Turkey Bridge?"

In fact, Steve and Kay Frankfurt did have half-a-dozen or so llamas at their home on Quiogue about 20 years back.

When I acknowledged the truth of this, my wife uttered a triumphal "A HA!"

"What?" she was asked.

Husband's gotta choose his battles carefully, so I disen­gag­ed while Jeanne went off to research the genetic likeli­hood of such a union.

If I don't hear another "A HA!" in the next several hours, then this subject will never again be broached by me.


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