I may, in fact, vomit!, Part 2

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I may, in fact, vomit!, Part 2

Robby Anderson

In late November, following a "Gang Green" loss to the Carolina Panthers, I called out Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson and offered a suggestion to the team.

Anderson, a second year player, had had a pretty good game and while his end zone celebration after his second touchdown was just another "Hey!, look at me, ain't I great!" preening action that many NFL fans are getting sick of, what seriously irked me was his sound byte when he got back to the sideline:

"Don't forget to vote for me for the All-Pro team."

(Really? His team hadn't even won the game yet... and ultimately didn't... and he's focused on his personal recognition!)

My suggestion to the struggling New York franchise that's been playing in New Jersey since 1983:

"If then Jets weren't talent-impoverished, I'd say cut the clown with the peroxide dreadlocks... or trade him to the Cleveland Browns for a tackling dummy and a water-boy-to-be-named-later."

They may regret not heeding that call! This week Anderson made headlines again.

Jets WR Robby Anderson threatened to sexually assault cop's wife after speeding at 105 mph in Florida

Robby Anderson mug shot
"New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson faces a slew of charges in Florida, including threatening a police officer's family and saying he would rape the officer's wife. A Sunrise police report shows the 24-year-old Anderson was stopped early Friday in a sport utility vehicle after it ran two red lights and was swerving while traveling about 105 mph."

The arrest occurred at 2:15 am, and the officer reported no indications of drug or alcohol influence.

(As they used to say in the old neighborhood: "That boy ain't right in the head.")

Nine charges have been filed against Anderson: resisting an officer/obstruction without violence; felony harm to a public servant or family; felony fleeing/eluding while lights/siren active; reckless driving; failure to drive in a single lane; two counts of disobeying/avoiding a red light; speeding; and turning without a signal.

That's at least two felonies the 2016 undrafted free agent out of Temple University is facing.

A New York Jets spokesman, in response to media inquiries. said:

"We are aware of the situation. This is a pending legal matter and we will have no further comment."

It seems to OtBB that this is an ideal time for the team to show its fans and the rest of the National Football League that it prizes character over characters.


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