This is an oddity...

Friday, January 19, 2018

This is an oddity...

...that in nearly half-a-century of closely clocking what movies are showing in the area, I see that Westhampton Beach has a virtual day & date situation that only an un­scru­pulous booking agent would allow to happen.

Remember how the praises for "Three Billboards Out­side Ebbing, Missouri" were sung en passant in this space in early December, and again when it was due to screen at the Performing Arts Center the opening week­end of this new year?

Unfortunately, due to the crippling snowfall that weekend, the PAC potentates had to re-book the award-winning (and a lock to be Oscar-nominated) film for the weekend of Jan­uary 26-28, and have been keeping their fingers crossed that there will be no interference from the weather.

What they did not forsee was the film distributor's booking agent putting the movie into the Hampton Arts Cinema right now, thereby significantly negatively impacting on the PAC's potential audience next weekend.

PAC Executive Director Clare Bisceglia, in whose ample bosom the milk of human kindness has oft been known to curdle, minced no words:

"That's a crappy movie house that smells and has broken seats. Our screen and sound are much much better and our audience knows it! Plus, we have a lot of pre-sold tickets for next weekend."

She's right about the relative qualities of the two venues, so PAC has that going for them.

But one has to wonder about the competence and integity of the booking agent that would allow this to happen.

It could jeopardize PAC's relationship with the booker... but the fact is that PAC, not primarily a film exhibitor, needs the booker more than the other way around.

The Hampton Arts Cinema folks might have some thoughts about the matter, but its management could not be reached at the time of this writing.

O yeah... go see the film! It's an original in every sense of the word.


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