Enough with the 'props' already!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Enough with the 'props' already!

(props – accolades, proper respect or just dues.)

Being in the nature of a personal gripe about an annoying trend I've identified on television sports programming.

For years now I've noted that whenever former Pitts­burgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher, an 11-year CBS analyst, is cited by name in on-air promos or in "The NFL Today" studio, it's always as "Coach Cowher."

Similarly, over on Fox, whenever former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who serves as color commenta­tor for the network's primary NFL telecasts, is always referenced by play-by-play announcer Joe Buck as "Hall of Famer Troy Aikman."

(Buck himself is supremely irritating... and not just to me!

Also, I imagine Aikman's Hall of Fame credentials are based on his three Super Bowl rings, because his QB stats are ordinary if not mediocre.)

Now it may be a contractual requirement that Cowher always be referenced as "Coach Cowher," and Aikman as "Hall of Famer Troy Aikman," but it gets old, and silly!

'Tis but a (relatively) minor thing, but it chaps me raw, none the less.


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