Natalie Portman is not only a fraud...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Natalie Portman is not only a fraud...

...but a moron as well for her snippy comment on stage at Sunday evening's Golden Globes Award telecast:

"And here are the all-male nominees."

Natalie Portman and Ron Howard announcing the Best Directors category at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony

Is she really suggesting that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Awards Nominating Committee has no female members responsible for the nominations?

Portman's ad lib comment clearly made the various nominated directors uncomfortable as this Vanity Fair piece (by a female writer) reveals.

What's worse is that aside from diminishing any pride felt by the ultimate Directors category winner, Guillermo del Toro, either Portman hadn't see his film, "The Shape of Water," or she's too much of a dullard to recognize a high line woman's film when she see one.

There's actually two (2!) strong women's roles in the movie, beautifully played by Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer...

(The latter, it should be noted, is a woman of color.) Portman's broad gender condemnation was especially ill-considered since it encompassed del Toro.

(Again, it's not as if the male Directors themselves made the nominations in that category.)

On a night when the majority of actresses (and actors) had decided to wear black to protest sexual harassment and assault, an extension of the "metoo" movement, del Toro was deserving of specific praise for the screenplay, casting and direction of his film, not broadstroke tarring by an increasingly irrelevant actress like Portman.

O yeah, the "fraud" thing?

Portman won the 2011 Best Actress Oscar for her role of a ballerina in "Black Swam," a role for which "stunt dancers" performed the bulk of the hard work.

I wouldn't have minded so much had Academy voters not passed over Jennifer Lawrence's much more deserving role in "Winter's Bone," which point I went on record with at the time.


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