Others hit ESPN over LaVal Ball interview

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Others hit ESPN over LaVal Ball interview

More than a day after OtBB called out "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" for cablecasting its garbage interview with the most obnoxious NBA father in the 70+ year history of the league, a number of NBA coaches have gone on the record criticizing ESPN for their dubious "journalism."

(Cited blog: "Shame, shame on ESPN...")

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, president of the NBA Coach's Association, spoke out quickly and unequivocally:

"I view the recent ESPN article as a disgrace, quite honestly.

Printing an article where the father of an NBA player has an opinion that is printed as anything like legiti­mate erodes trust. It erodes the trust that we built with ESPN. Our coaches are upset because Luke Walton does not deserve that."

Individuals spoke out as well:

ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy furious at ESPN over LaVar Ball

"The ESPN NBA analyst joined the ranks of coaches who have blistered ESPN with attacks for giving the circus that is LaVar Ball a plat­form, saying coaches now have every reason to boycott ESPN."

Steve Kerr defends Luke Walton, rips LaVar Ball and ESPN

"But when the Golden State Warriors’ Steve Kerr shared his perspective at Oracle Arena on Monday night, calling LaVar the 'Kardashian of the NBA' while being highly critical of the league’s media partner for its part in the story, it carried more weight because of their backstory."

Dick Vitale, NBA coach rip LaVar Ball, ESPN...

"Vitale blasted his own company for following the father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball all the way to Lithuania, where Lonzo's younger brothers play professionally, to publish the patriarch's latest complaints about Los Angeles’s coaching staff."

USA Today had an opposing take on the underlying issue:

Rick Carlisle's rant about ESPN's LaVar Ball coverage is completely misguided

"Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle ripped into ESPN on Sunday for publishing an article about LaVar Ball saying that Lakers coach Luke Walton had lost his locker room."

On the well-regarded week-daily "Outside The Lines" investigative program, Bob Ley touched on the subject this afternoon, then uncharacteristically bailed.

Detroit Pistons coach Steve Van Gundy was also incensed at ESPN's decision to air LaVar Ball's comments, calling them "a cheap shot."

Be instructive to see if Van Gundy follows through with his threatened non-cooperation in providing the network extra access to his team during ESPN's telecast of the January 19 matchup of the Pistons and Washington Wizards.


1. David Powell said...

Well said, sir. That son of a gun is not only a troll, he is also the biggest drawback to his own kids – I can imagine opposing teams posting his remarks on their bulletin boards every time he opens his mouth before they play his son's team. He is totally stupid.

The former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller has the perfect solution to the Lakers' LaVar Ball problem. He suggests that Lakers President Magic Johnson to put his foot down and tell the pop-off papa, "If you keep opening your mouth, we are going to trade your son from the Lakers. Shut up, fall in line, let (coach) Luke (Walton) do what he wants to do and let Lonzo play how he wants to play, or we'll start taking calls."

While there's some question as to what other team would actually want Lonzo if LaVar was part of the deal, the family desperately wants their sons in Los Angeles with the Lakers, so it might make the guy cool out.

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