Happy New Year from Optimum...

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year from Optimum...

...or, as we used to call them through a string of ex­pletives in the old days, "#$@&%*! Cablevision!"

And things haven't changed all that much, witness today's E-mail message from Route 58 out of Woodbury:

"STARZ & STARZ ENCORE are no longer available

STARZ and STARZ ENCORE programming is no longer available on Optimum's TV lineup

However, we have launched several new and exciting channels to your package for your enjoyment."

(Here's an industry report on what's going on between STARZ and Optimum parent Altice.)

Note that...

  • This is being presented as a fait accompli, on the day it is happening! (We're Optimum, deal with it!)
  • Even though STARZ and STARZ ENCORE are con­sidered "premium channels, their removal from our line-ups is not being accompanied by any reduc­tion in subscription cost."

So no more "Power," "American Gods," the quirky anthology series "The Girlfriend Experience" or "Outlander" [sigh!]

And from this part of Main Street, tossing in Hallmark Drama, MGM HD, Cowboy Channel and Sony Movie Channel aren't goint to make up for the loss of Caitriona Balfe's boobage!

But once again, a spat between a signal carrier and a content provider gets nasty to the "O, yeah? Well see how you like this!" stage, and while we're being deprived now, in the end it's going to lighten our wallets!


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