Like a lemming...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Like a lemming...

...I went to the local Post Office this afternoon, stood in line and mailed off my 2018 Property Tax payment to Southampton Town.

It was easy: the line was one person long, the clerk at the U.S.P.S. window knew exactly what I was mailing and machine franked the envelope (very important... more later), collected 49¢ and I was outta there in under three minutes.

Even though for the first time ever I'd pre-paid the whole year's Town property taxes, I was a happy chappie know­ing that I'd, for 2018 at least, I'd worked the system and saved some money.

But wait...

This just in from 27East:

South Fork Homeowners Prepay 2018 Property Taxes In Large Numbers To Avoid New Deduction Cap

"But those who live within village boundaries cannot pay their taxes before the federal law takes effect on January 1, according to officials."


I'm hoping that's just an inartful construction by corres­pond­ent Amanda Bernocco, and that she's only referencing Village property taxes, otherwise I'm going to have retain the legal services of Hughie Merle who so successfully boxed the ears of the Southampton Town Tax Assessor with a SCARS petition last year, I got a nice refund and reduction.

The 'More later' part...

A decade ago. having mailed my first half property tax payment from 11978 to 11968 on the afternoon of January 10th, I sailed into 2008 secure in the knowledge that my Town taxes were out of the way for another five months.

A week or so later, I got a notice from Theresa Kiernan's office that I owed a penalty and interest due to not filing timely... my subsequent drive to Town Hall was aided significantly my the steam emanating from my ears.

With such subdued outrage did I present my case at the front desk, even after they presented me with my own envelope franked in Dallas, Texas on January 15th...

"Haven't been anywhere near Texas in 14 years, damnit!"

...that the desk clerk and Ms. Kiernan, in a behind-the-scenes confab, decided to give me the benefit of the doubt.

I accepted my win gracefully and scurried back to West­hamp­ton Beach to speak to the local Post Master about my brush with a penalty and late fee.

We tossed it around a bit before he allowed that there had been instances of sorting machine errors where a mailed piece gets stuck to another one and goes on an unin­tentional "joy ride" to who knows where?

"But your letter was ultimately correctly delivered, wasn't it?" he said with a happy expression.

Obviously, he was a U.S.P.S. team player, but ever since then with time-sensitive mailings, I make certain to have the envelope properly franked right in front of me.


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