Lee Zeldin's sop to the Left

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lee Zeldin's sop to the Left

Just as at least one Bernie Sanders die hard I know voted for Donald Trump solely because he wasn't Hillary Clinton, I began supporting Lee Zeldin (R, Shirley) because he wasn't Tim Bishop.

Nor, 15 months ago, was he former Supervisor Anna Throne Holst with whom I'd reached my limit in her years on the Southampton Town Board.

(But then, by 2015, my disgust with anyone on the Town Council was bipartisan.)

My greatest enmity though, was reserved for Bishop who, in 12 years, did nothing but follow Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi around like a gob-smacked mooncalf tethered to her apron strings, so Zeldin was a breath of fresh air.

While I watched his first term (2015-2017) from the sidelines, this year both Jeanne and I made the effort to attend two of his "outreach" sessions, one at Suffolk Community College's Eastern Campus, and a second at Southampton College, and we came away with the indel­ible impression that Lee Zeldin is a lightweight.

Yeah, he's served his country, and I fully understand why he couldn't support last week's GOP Tax Cut legislation... the real problem there isn't in Congress but in Albany with a long succession of Tax and Spend administrations.

(The last Republican Governor was Malcolm Wilson, appointed in 1973 to replace Nelson Rockefeller... George Pataki was a rino.)

The mailing I received from Zeldin's office this week was a jumbo postcard that left no doubt that our Congressman was moving more toward a centrist position, as it is a thin­ly disguised attempt to appeal to the more Progressive voters in NY's 1st Congressional District.

Zeldin Mailing Piece

The talking points and text could have been lifted whole­sale from every mailing piece ever produced by Bridget Fleming, a doctrinaire Democrat who shows up for ground-breaking ceremonies and to stand prominently in the background when County Executive Steve Bellone holds a press conference.

It's not that the Zeldin/Fleming talking points are valid, it's that they're pablum... soft, gooey and easily digestible by anyone... and essentially meaningless.

I mean "protecting our scenic beaches and land," "ensur­ing access to clean air and clean water," and "taking the lead to protect Long Island's coastal economy?"

Who wouldn't get behind that?

I understand that every elected official is convinced that his or her first responsibility of is to get re-elected, but who will stand up, say something meaningful, and then follow through on making it happen!

C'mon, Lee... suck it up and get to work on something besides a new zip code for Northampton, Riverside and Flanders.

By the way, how's that coming along?


1. Hampton West said...

Still waiting for a follow-up from Zeldin's office on the rumored Town/Coast Guard discussions on the status of Coast Guard housing at Hampton West.

Good luck! Report back on any status updates.

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