I was just two weeks a teenager when...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I was just two weeks a teenager when...

Bobby Greenlease

...six-year old Robert Cosgrove Green­lease Jr. was kidnapped from elite Notre Dame de Sion (pre-school through grade 12) in Kansas City, Missouri by 41-year old former prostitute Bonnie Brown Heady, posing as his aunt.

It was national news, and it is vivid in my recollections mostly for the speed with which justice was administered.

Within hours, Bobby Greenlease had been murdered by Heady's accomplice Carl Austin Hall and his body buried near her house in St. Joseph, Missouri, even though the demanded $600,000 ransom was in the process of being paid by the parents.

The kidnappers/murderers were apprehended, separately, approximately a week later, and brought to the federal bar before Judge Albert L. Reeves on October 30, 1953.

Both entered pleas of guilty to the indictment, and on November 19, 1953 a jury in the federal court in Kansas City recommended the death penalty after only 68 minutes of deliberations.

Judge Reeves accepted the recommendation and within 15 minutes, had set the date.

Bobby Greenlease was abducted and murdered on Sep­tem­ber 28, 1953. Hall and Heady were executed for the crime on December 18, 1953, side-by-side in the gas chamber at Missouri State Penitentiary at Jefferson City.

It was 64 years ago this week, less than three months, due process included, following their capital crime.

Whatever the cost to tax payers, it wasn't all that much, and none raised any objections to paying it.


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