The Gillibrand Tract

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Gillibrand Tract

Kirsten Gillibrand, 2011

When interim Governor David Paterson named Represent­a­tive Kirsten Gillibrand (NY, 20th) to succeed Senator Hillary Clinton who President Barack Obama had named Secretary of State, I and many of my colleagues in the shooting community thought this was a great selection.

Considered a "Blue Dog Democrat" based on her single term in the House, it took a single career counseling session with New York's senior Senator Chuck Schumer for her to abandon the Second Amendment and enlist in the ranks of the gun control advocates.

Since then it's only gotten worse.

Kirsten Gillibrand, December 2017

It's becoming increasing clear that she has national ambitions, and to realize any success in that field, she needs greater name recognition outside of New York State, 'cause she certainly hasn't distinguished herself to any degree in her almost nine years in the Senate.

And this week, she found her vehicle to national celeb­ri­ty... engaging in a nasty Twitter spat with Donald Trump, the easiest individual ever in the digital age to troll.

(He can't help himself... it's one of his biggest liabilities, right up there with a congenital disposition toward piggish behavior.

Yes, I voted for him, and would again if the other choice was still Hillary.)

Playing the gender card at every opportunity, Gillibrand is winning on points, since Trump had somehow forgotten that over half of the country's voters are female, #1, and, #2, earlier this month she and the Democratic Party strategically sacrificed one of their own, Al Franken (D, MN), to innoculate themselves against charges of conducting partisan witch hunts.

But before people raise Kirsten Gillibrand aloft on their shields and carry her off to Washington D.C., take a look at how she got to where she is.

From her embarrassing and hypocritical paean of January 2016, "Why I'm Supporting Hillary Clinton For President:"

"No one in the world more completely embodies the spirit of Off The Sidelines than Hillary Clinton. She has been raising her voice and fighting for women and families her entire career...."

Really? Women like Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones?

Some might argue that the trio were all accusing Blll Clinton and that it had nothing to do with Hillary... except that Mrs. Clinton went on the offensive and lumped the spate of her husband's accusers under the rubric "bimbo eruptions."

(Tangentially, her husband's 12-year affair with Gennifer Flowers often gets lumped into that, but that's a stretch since the liaison was consensual.)

As was Bill Clinton's 1995-1996 dalliance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, but the 1998 revelation sent Hillary Clinton into a tailspin from which emanated one of her most famous utterances, telling Today show host Matt Lauer it was all a result of "this vast right-wing conspiracy."

But remember that just before throwing Al Franken to the wolves, Gillibrand made some headlines by saying that President Bill Clinton should have resigned in the face of the Lewinsky scandal.

I have every confidence that she had prior permission from the Clinton camp to make that move.

Just remember that Presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand isn't the feminist heroine the Democrats and the syco­phantic media are making her out to be.


1. James Hartline said...

I stumbled upon your blog-website during my research on a plethora of corruption scandals within the Democratic Party that I am investigating and I've found, thus far, your site to be an incredible treasure trove of information that further substantiates many of the documents and evidence I have already archived in my research. Your blog might appear on the surface to be quaint and local community banter, but upon deeper inspection it is clear to me that you, as the publisher are a real gem of invaluable political insights and most of the commentors, whether they are on the right or the left side of the political spectrum, are well informed and worthy of being listened to in a nation where nonsense often masquerades as political expertise.

On the matter of Kirsten Gillibrand, I have many bombshells forthcoming on her very shallow, deep as the kiddie pool end of the adult swimming pool, feigned concern about the sexual abuse of GOP politicians. Among her many glaring instances of utter hypocrisy and the stench that follows her wherever she trots herself out to speak on the abuse of women is her large campaign contribution to John Edwards while he was sexually abusing his cancer-stricken wife by having an affair with a quite unattractive Astrologist-turned-campaign photographer. While Mrs. Edwards ended up in a life and death battle for her very life due to cancer and as she continued to be a mother two her children, John Edwards was impregnating his shady, filthy mistress. None of that matters to Miss "I will not be silenced" Kirsten Gillibrand who forked over $1,000 to Edwards' campaign. This is only a tiny amount of the corruption and egregious campaign financial exchanges involving Gillibrand and other sexual predator enablers that I have documented in my archives.

Um... thank you for the effusive complements, but I fear we have different definitions of "sexual abuse." Which is not to say that John Edwards wasn't a wretched pig and an abominable hypocrite.
– Dean

2. Fjmarkowitz said...

I gave Edwards money too. Does that make me complicit in his actions?

If you gave money to Trump, does that you complicit in his adventures? Come on now.

You're being inscrutable again, Forest!

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