Boom! ... BOOM!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Boom! ... BOOM!

That's what those in and around New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal at 7:20 am heard today, as an improvised explosive device attached to the person of 27-year Akayed Ullah, detonated, injuring the actor and three others in the vicinity.

None of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening, and the suspect was the most seriously damaged with burns to his mid-section.

(Originally from Bangladesh, Ullah has been living in Brooklyn.)

The event immediately commanded the attention of all the local and national news channels.

Most improvised as best they could, repeating what little information was known while their camera teams rushed to as close as they could get to the midtown scene, and their producers quickly lined up "reasonably knowledgable individuals" to act as studio or remote guests.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle led into her guest commentator Jim Cavanaugh, former high ranking Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, with the observation that "...only four people were injured, and none of them are life-threatening injuries."

Cavanaugh: "A good day for New Yorkers, a bad day for the bomber. Clearly he's not a master at his craft."

The ghost of George Metesky still haunts New York City.


1. WR Moore said...

While manifestly true, the remarks come off a bit flippant. I'd expect no one raised the topic of how Mr Ullah got into the country.

It's been raised all afternoon: in 2011 Ullah entered the United States from Bangladesh on a chain migration visa.

2. Hampton West said...

Ah, George Metesky, the "mad bomber" (not to be confused with Darrel Lamonica, football player). I remember his bombings - directed at Con Edison, correct?

Yep! He operated from 1941 to 1957 'til a ConEd clerk named Alice Kelly did some exemplary detective work and found some letters Metesky had written seeking compensation from a disability suffered during his employment there between 1929-1931.

I wrote about him a decade ago when we had to evacute a Horn & Hardart in Times Square because of one of his infernal devices.

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