Others may disagree...

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Others may disagree...

...but I feel Dylan Laube and Westhampton Beach have been slighted by the Hansen Award Selection Committee, now in the hands of Newsday.

And given the way things have been going for print media in general and Newsday in specific of late, I suspect that "committee" is one person, Gregg Sarra, the resident high school sports columnist/writer.

Yeah, I know... I've been openly touting Laube to win the 58th Carl A. Hansen Memorial Award all season long; he was, after all, runner-up in 2016, and his 2017 season was even more spectacular!

But the "committee" decreed that Laube share this year's honor with Lindenhurst senior Jeremy Ruckert, like the local lad, also a two-way player.

Hansen Award co-winners Laube and Ruckert

(Sarra tipped the outcome of the Hansen Award com­pe­ti­tion in a hand-wringing column a week ago.)

Not that Ruckert is a slouch, he just didn't have the type of season Laube did, #1, and, #2, I'm of the "A tie is like kissing your sister" school of thought!

I'll also admit to a certain sense of provincialism, and not without cause; Carl Hansen meant something to me (and a great many others of my generation) as he was my gym teacher at the old Six Corners School.

Additionally, Westhampton Beach has never had a Hansen recipient before, while this was the third time around for Lindenhurst, a much larger school and, parenthetically, my wife's alma mater.

(And, historically, Newsday has always given short shrift to anything on the East End.)

I'm confident that young Laube, who I have never met, does not subscribe to my sentiments expressed here, and may even think them silly.

Doesn't matter... it's subjective and that's how I feel!

One award that was not shared with anyone else was Suffolk County Coach of the Year, given to 'Canes' Coach Bill Parry.

Congratulations also to Southampton Press Sports Editor Drew Budd for his prescient preview of the team's prospects last August!


1. Kym Laube said...

Pretty certain there is not one Laube that will disagree with you on this... or anyone else who has been watching for that matter.

Been thinking more on this matter. It's an issue of economics. Where's Newsday... as big a corporate ho'er as there is... going to sell more newspapers, the West end of Southampton Town, or Southwestern Suffolk County? They needed something to interest their Lindenhurst subscriber base.

Also, down the road, I think it gives Dylan Laube supporters another prestige point to argue: "Look what the young man from Westhampton Beach had to overcome just to be co-recipient of the Hansen Trophy! He must be special!"

And while I'd never even heard of Gregg Sarra before this, he has no credibility now,

2. Hampton West said...

Went to only one game so I can't comment on the selection but wow, what a performance! Best of luck to him.

He's headed to University of New Hampshire, which has graduated a number of NFL draftees. The other guy's headed for "THE Ohio State" which is an "NFL mill."

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