<i>Cinema de Lux</i>, more than just a name

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Cinema de Lux, more than just a name

I have experienced the future of my movie-going, and it's just off the Long Island Expressway in Holtsville, the Island 16: Cinema de Lux.

(Yeah, it's a 20 mile drive, but with the venue's new... to me, at least... appointments, it's well worth the schlepp.)

I disremember my first time there... probably April 2004 for "Crash" on our way upstate to visit Jeanne's parents, so it was just a two-hour stop-over.

I also disremember the last time I was there... for first run "event" films in Imax 3D (cf: "Dr. Strange," "Wonder Woman"), we head to the Loews in Stony Brook, so it was most likely a year ago February to see the 75th Anniver­sary screening of a fresh print of "The Maltese Falcon."

We made the trip yesterday to see "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," and while it was the most original film I've seen is decades, both of us were equally impressed with the theater itself.

(Tuesdays features half-price tickets, so it was $8.50 each admission.)

What was confusing was the choice of seating you were asked to make at the ticket stand, but it was all revealed when we entered the designated auditorium.

To my wife's utter delight, every seat in the place not only had plenty (oodles, actually!) of leg room, but all the seats were plushly padded with spacious armrests and push button reclining with elevating foot rests!

(Now I know what my snobby niece has been extoll­ing all these years... I thought she'd been descibing some additional admission auditorium with luxury appointments and snack service.)

This was some deal! Fully reclined comfort-plus for a first-run movie... no more waiting for the BluRay, watching in my recliner, 'phones interrupting and dogs needing to go out!

Happily for me, yesterday's movie was an excellent one, but if it hadn't've been, I could had easily dozed off and not felt cheated.

The Island 16: Cinema de Lux is well-named, indeed!

And we'll be seeing more of it in the not-too-distant future... I just signed up for Showcase's StarPass program.


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