This is what Dylan Laube...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This is what Dylan Laube...

...and other great running backs are all about!

Southampton Press photo by Drew Budd

Check out this detail of the photo by Southampton Press' Drew Budd from Sunday afternoon's Long Island Class III championship game at Stony Brook.

Any wonder why Lawrence defender Carlos Duran is about to whiff on the attempted tackle of Laube?

When I was an adolescent, the Los Angeles Rams had a halfback/end, Elroy Hirsch, widely known by his nickhame "Crazylegs."

So famed was his distinctive running style as the NFL's first "flanker" that Hollywood cashed in with a 1953 film with Hirsch playing himself.

The point is that any number of top notch runners, including Laube, could carry the "Crazylegs" cognomen; the accompanying photo shows why.

O yeah... the Hurricanes finished their season 12-0 with a convincing 54-26 win over Nassau County champion Lawrence with Laube scoring six (6!) touchdowns to run his season total to a record 46.

Well done, 'Canes! Helluva legacy, Laube!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Spectacular photo, too.

Spectacular runner... spectacular season.

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