I may, in fact, vomit!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I may, in fact, vomit!

Last week OtBB wrote about the Most pathetic Tweet yet!, and this afternoon, while watching the New York Jets trying (futilely, of course) to beat the Carolina Panthers, I heard the most revolting sound byte ever captured by a sideline parabolic microphone!

Robby Anderson

(And the NFL wonders why ratings are down and they're losing sponsors!)

A Jets receiver, #11, Robby Anderson, was having a pretty decent game, scoring two touchdowns, the second one putting his team up 17-13, then performing a pantomine celebration in the end zone by using the football as a pillow upon which to rest his head as he lay down to feign taking a nap.

Hadn't seen that one before... the best running back I ever saw, Barry Sanders, in a 10 season career (1989-1998) scored 109 touchdowns and politely handed the ball back to an official after every single one!

(I think it was the great Vince Lombardi who admon­ish­ed a jubilant player who had just crossed into the endzone, "Try to act like you've been there before!")

The NFL-wide "Hey, Look At Me!" antics are tiresome and time-wasting to an audience who want to see football, not a bunch of preening jocks showing off their individual choreography.

But today's reverse peristaltic moment came just after his second touchdown when Anderson looked straight into a sideline camera and said:

"Don't forget to vote for me for the All-Pro team."

With more than a quarter left to play, that was Anderson's focus?

(And I don't care if he does get a bonus if he's voted to the All Pro team!)

If the Jets weren't talent-impoverished, I'd say cut the clown with the peroxide dreadlocks... or trade him to the Cleveland Browns for a tackling dummy and a water-boy-to-be-named-later.

The NFL Player's Association had better get their members squared away before they kill the goose that lays the golden television contracts!


1. Hampton West said...

Until Sunday's Philly-LA game I haven't watched an NFL game in its entirety in two years. The antics stink. And it seems the cameramen play it up.

There is out there somewhere a clip of Tommy McDonald of the Eagles scoring on a pass with a circus catch, probably the 1960 season when they won, beating two defenders (I think Pittsburgh, not sure), and actually helping one of the defenders up off the ground - and it looked like they shook hands!

He was an under-sized dervish on the gridiron... I think he's still the Eagle all-time receiver!


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