Screwed by 'The Machine!'

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Screwed by 'The Machine!'

OtBB's oft-utilized phrase "once reliably Republican" now extends w-a-a-a-y past Southampton to all of Suffolk County where voters, undeterred by revelations of corruption and indictments in the upper reaches of the District Attorney's office, elected dynamic young federal prosecutor-turned-Police Commissioner Tim Sini as the new D.A. come January.

It is not unreasonably assumed that Sini views this office as a "stepping stone," and that County Executive Steve Ballone better start looking over his shoulder while Con­gressman Lee Zeldin is praying Sini doesn't move his home 25 miles East.

In a development that reeks of the worst sort of politican machinations, Erroll Toulon, the Democrats' fourth choice for the position of Sheriff, appears to have narrowly edged out Republican Larry Zacarese, 49.41% to 48.93%.

Zacarese, who was able to beat his own party bosses in September's primary, couldn't overcome the loss of the Conservative and Independent lines those party leaders denied him before Toulon was even named by the Dems.

Suffolk Conservative chairman Ed Walsh was this past Summer sentenced to two years in jail for fraud related to his political activities.

(The Conservative line delivered 6.11% of all votes to Toulon... do the math!)

If the Democratic candidate's lead holds, it will be of great interest to the East End's many handgun licensees to see how their new Sheriff handles that part of his job.

(Questions on that issue submitted to Toulon through his candidate Website went unanswered.)

In Southampton, for the first time in history there will be a Democratic-controlled Town Board as Republican Stan Glinka (23.84%) proved to be a one-and-done Council­man, easily beaten by incumbent Julie Lofstad (31.07%) and newcomer Tommy John Schiavoni (27.13%).

(The other Republican candidate, Thea Dombrowski-Fry, whose campaign message was mostly abour her cats, finished well up the track with 17.94%.)

Most disappointing was the Town GOP's inability to mount a decent race for supremely qualified Lance Aldrich who lost to incumbent Superintendent of Highways Alex Gregor.

The major question locally is, is there anyone out there who can bring the Southampton Town Republican Party off of its dwindling life support?


1. WR Moore said...

I feel your pain. Here in Virginia, many of us are wondering if we can somehow sever northern Virginia (DC south) from the rest of the state.

Things change... we survive somehow.

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