Choices At The Polls: 2017 Edition

Monday, November 06, 2017

Choices At The Polls: 2017 Edition

What a weird run-up to tomorrow's elections with the, not just the fall-from-grace but criminal indictment of four-term incumbent Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota, to the uncommon flurry of glossy mailing pieces from the New York State Democratic Committee supporting their Suffolk County Candidates, and mostly uninspired postcards with negative messages about both sides in Southampton Town.

(The one with Julie Lofstad as a marionette is visually striking 'though the message is boilerplater GOP without specifics.)

The Sheriff's race was decided for me when Larry Zacarese beat the party bosses' hack in the September primary, and the Democrat's fourth (4th!) choice, Errol Toulon, declined to respond to a specific question submitted through his campaign website.)

(Curiously, while writing this, I received an automated 'phone call from the NYS Republican Committee, a negative push poll focussed on Toulon, that never once mentioned Zacarese.)

In the DA's race, the Democratic candidate, Tim Sini, is one of the most photogenic candidates ever and should be a lock in the contest.

My choice, however, is lackluster Ray Pareni purely as an issue of character... when Sini was going through his confirmation hearings for Suffolk County Police Commissioner earlier this year, he pledged to stick with it and not run for office this November.

Speaking of photogenic, Democratic Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming still looks great in her campaign photos (of uncertain vintage), but her non-substantive message is pure pablum: "Clean Water. Our Quality of Life. Fiscal Responsible."

(Imagine that! "Our" quality of life... I'd actually be inclined to vote for anyone who would define exactly what that means.)

Fortunately for the Dems, Fleming's opponent, East Quogue's Heather Collins, is little more than a GOP place-holder who didn't bother to campaign.

In Town races, the most important one is for Superintendent of Highways where two-term incumbent Alex Gregor is facing a far more qualified Republican candidate, Lance Aldrich, who actually worked for the department for 32 years, as opposed to Gregor whose mercifully brief time there was mostly spent on disability.

Aldrich knows the job while Gregor's most notable accomplishment has been to hang onto the coattails of the king of the photo ops, Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, whenever there's a camera around.

The polls are open Tuesday from 6:00am to 9:00pm... get out and vote!


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